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Can you name the 14 countries that share a land border with China?
Chinese kids can name the American states, probably.
Name the animals featured in the Chinese zodiac.
Most people only know 3.
Can you guess these facts about the country of Japan?
Which countries are nearest to Japan?
Can you name the countries who are geographically closest to North Korea.
Can you name the modern-day countries that were part of the Mongol Empire in 1279?
Can you answer these questions about the country of China?
Try to name the prefectures of Japan.
You should probably know more than you do about China.
210,823 Countries that Border China
117,201 Biggest Cities in China
116,162 Provinces of China
111,112 Chinese Zodiac Quiz
102,662 Japan Country Quiz
101,482 Countries Closest to Japan
93,057 Closest Countries to North Korea
90,237 China Country Quiz
79,673 Countries of the Mongol Empire on a Map
78,264 China Cities Map Quiz
77,005 Japanese Prefectures
74,805 Provinces of China Map Quiz
74,220 Countries of the Japanese Empire
73,137 Countries that Beat China
69,632 Countries Bordering China Since 1914
68,848 Flags of Countries that Border China
67,124 Countries Closest to Taiwan
66,184 Biggest Cities in Japan
65,151 Modern Day Countries of the Japanese Empire on a Map
61,939 South Korea Country Quiz
61,162 Biggest Mongol Empire Countries
60,316 Countries that Visit Japan the Most
59,560 Japanese Loanwords
54,941 North Korea... or South Korea?
51,113 China A-Z
51,073 Things that Have Been Banned in China
49,180 Biggest Trading Partners - China
44,850 Japan True or False?
44,367 Most-Visited Countries by Japanese
44,347 China by Picture
41,113 Countries that Beat Japan
39,329 All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by Chinese People
38,635 History of China
35,412 Overseas Chinese Population
34,481 Japan Multiple Choice
34,149 U.S. States Closest to Tokyo
32,820 Japan A-Z
32,231Naruto Characters
32,103Hiragana Practice
32,044 China Multiple Choice
31,308 Chinese Inventions
30,874 Taiwan Country Quiz
30,427 Mongolia Country Quiz
29,571 China's Territorial Disputes
29,546 Japanese Companies
29,115 20 Chinese Cities Everyone Should Know
26,742 All Cities in China with Population of 1 Million
25,983 Most Visited Countries by Chinese
25,611 Countries that Beat North Korea
25,333 North Korea Country Quiz
24,942 China... or India?
23,293Guess the Anime
23,291 2022 Winter Olympics Medal Table
23,223 Cities of China (With Some Help)
23,117Anime by BAD DESCRIPTION
22,153 Japan by Picture
21,981Name that Naruto Character
21,584 Countries that Beat Mongolia
20,838 BTS Members (K-Pop)
20,779 Dynasties of China
20,684 Hong Kong Facts
20,320 Four Main Islands of Japan
20,197 Japanese Language - Katakana Practice
19,348Guess BTS or Seventeen Members
18,463 Chinese Geography on the Map
16,701BTS Songs Quiz (2023)
16,332One Piece Characters
16,193 The Dictator Files: Chairman Mao
16,121Hangul Alphabet
15,773 China True or False?
15,363 Japanese Inventions
14,923 Real or Fake: Japanese Kit Kat Flavours
14,622Akatsuki Members (Naruto)
14,616 Embarrassing Chapters in Chinese History
14,227Haikyuu!! Anime Series Quiz
13,301EXO Quiz
13,279Can you guess the anime based on the bad description?
13,191Kpop Groups
13,073JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Stands Quiz (Parts 3-9)
12,808BTS Members Oldest to Youngest
12,731Anime Main Characters
12,543Avatar: The Last Airbender Quiz
12,414 Cities of the Pearl River Delta
12,210Name that Kpop Group
12,111Naruto Quiz
12,079 Sushi Translation
11,419DragonBall Z General Quiz (Easy)
11,359 Hong Kong A-Z
11,343 Geography of China Quiz
10,761Dragon Ball Z: Top 30 DBZ characters
10,735BLACKPINK Songs
10,564Japanese Kanji Grade 1
10,505 Tokyo City Trivia
9,975Name all NCT members
9,955 Famous Chinese People
9,954Name 100 Kpop Groups
9,886KPOP QUIZ 2023
9,833Fairy Tail Character Name Quiz
9,708Name 70 Kpop Idols
9,587Provinces of South Korea (with map)
9,302BTS Songs
8,999Members of Blackpink (K-Pop)
8,499Naruto : All Hokages
8,428 Paramount Leaders of China
8,343Members of Twice (K-Pop)
8,213Popular Naruto Shippuden Characters
8,212Top 150 Most Popular Anime on MyAnimeList
7,935JoJo's Bizarre Adventure characters and stands
7,920One Piece Devil Fruits
7,834NCT Members
7,832Guess the Naruto Characters
7,795Japan Cities Map Quiz
7,729Regions of Japan - Map Quiz
7,629BTS Song Lyric Quiz 2018
7,598Seventeen Quiz Kpop (real names)
7,549 Countries Similar to Chinese Provinces by Population
7,489TWICE Songs Quiz
7,373Japanese Words in English
7,136100 Biggest cities in Japan on a map
7,085BTS General Knowledge
7,035One Piece Character Quiz (Anime)
7,004DragonBall Z General Quiz (Intermediate)
6,840Anime Couples
6,746100 Biggest Cities in China on a Map
6,701TXT Songs Quiz
6,677BTS Song by English Lyrics
6,522One Piece All characters
6,351BTS / Bangtan Boys Real Names
6,350The Anime Titles Quiz
6,136Avatar: The Last Airbender Quiz
5,833 Sushi by Picture 🍣
5,751Guess the Country (Hetalia)
5,659Members of All NCT Units (K-Pop)
5,571Name that EXO member!
5,479Languages of the Mongol Empire with a Map
5,331Kpop Fanclub Names
5,268Groups of Things - One Piece
5,252One Piece General Knowledge
5,197Most common Korean last names
5,054Countries Closest to China
5,040Kpop Idols by Group 2022 4th Gen
5,022Name That Avatar Character
4,906Guess the manga/anime by description
4,891Japanese Kanji Grade 2
4,85520 Biggest Cities in China on a Map
4,853Anime Protagonists
4,821Kpop group names
4,780Guess the BLACKPINK song
4,737Name that Pretty Cure!
4,721How Many Times Can You Type "JAPAN" in 15 Seconds?
4,607Can you name the kpop group by one member?
4,597Naruto Names
4,527黨鐵車站地圖 Hong Kong MTR Map Quiz
4,413The Dragon Ball Super Quiz
4,343Avatar Bending Types
4,339Kpop Quiz
4,268Most Popular Member by K-Pop Group
4,201Idols by Kpop Groups 2020
4,138K-Pop Artists A-Z
4,110Countries Kim Jong-un has been to
4,109Anime: Attack on Titan Character Trivia Quiz
4,086Dragon Ball Z Gohan Quiz
4,049"Avatar: The Last Airbender" Map Quiz
3,986Anime Logo Quiz
3,983BLACKPINK Knowledge Quiz (2018)
3,896Counties of Taiwan
3,795Female KPOP Groups Quiz
3,752Japanese Numbers
3,735Name all the kpop groups 2022
3,733Modern-Day Countries of the Chinese Empire under the Tang Dynasty
3,727Biggest Cities in South Korea Quiz
3,684Prefectures of Japan Map Quiz (Highlighted Version)
3,668DragonBall Z Goku quiz
3,656Members of EXO (K-Pop)
3,650Name The Entertainment Companies of Kpop Artists
3,629Name These 100 Kpop Idols
3,551Modern-Day Countries of the Qing Empire on a Map
3,549Blackpink Lyrics Quiz
3,495Dragon Ball Z Vegeta quiz
3,490Last Names of Kpop Idol?
3,440My Hero Academia Class 1A Quirks
3,417One Piece Arcs
3,362All Naruto Characters in Alphabetical order. IMPOSSIBLE
3,311Members of NCT 127 (Kpop)
3,302Kpop Multifandom Quiz
3,293My Hero Academia Class 1-A
3,283JLPT N5 Kanji - Random 30
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