Interesting Facts Quiz #5

Have you been paying attention to JetPunk's interesting facts? Prove your knowledge by filling in the blanks.
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Last updated: January 2, 2021
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As of August 2020, gold is worth more than twice as much as platinum
Arnold Schwarzenegger only had 17 lines of dialog in his most famous role: "The Terminator"
Albert Einstein's brain was secretly removed by the doctor who performed his autopsy
Israel is the only country in the developed world that has a birth rate above replacement levels
Goodbye is a shortening of the phrase "god be with you"
The avocado has such a large pit because it evolved to be eaten whole by large, now extinct,
creatures such as giant ground sloths
The number four is unlucky in China because it sounds like the word "death"
The grapefruit happened by accident when pomelos and oranges were planted near each other
Alexander Graham Bell invented the metal detector to help find the bullet that was trapped
in President James Garfield's body
More than half of unsheltered homeless people in the U.S. live in California
A single hunter is reported to haved killed over 3 million passenger pigeons, thus hastening
the extinction of the species
To spawn, some salmon swim as far as 1400 kilometers upriver, all the way from the Pacific Ocean
to central Idaho
The red and white striped barber pole initially stood for blood and bandages
Until 2002, it was possible that if the Prince of Monaco died without a male heir, Monaco would
become part of France
James Monroe was going to have a duel with Alexander Hamilton, but Aaron Burr intervened
To users in India, Google Maps draws Kashmir as part of India. To users in the rest of the world,
it accurately displays it as a disputed region.
In 2010, someone bought a pizza using 10,000 in Bitcoin which, as of December 2020,
has a market value of over $200 million
According to one royal chef, Queen Elizabeth enjoys four stiff alcoholic drinks every day
The millipede, despite its name, don't have 1000 legs. But one species does have as many as 750.
Level 66
Jan 3, 2021
Trying, tents, cars, tunnels, vans, doorways, bridges, and a whole lot more for where homeless people live. *sigh*
Level 71
Jan 3, 2021
I was trying, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Seattle etc

Makes sense though, if I was homeless I rather live somewhere warm than somewhere cold.

Level 69
Jan 4, 2021
Nah. If you were homeless, you'd rather live somewhere where they throw money and entitlements at you, and refrain from harassing you. That is why rainy, damp Portland and Seattle are nearly as overrun as Los Angeles and San Francisco, while sunny Miami and Houston are not. Culture is everything.