Lead Guitarists Quiz

Can you name the most famous lead guitarist from these bands?
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Last updated: September 4, 2018
First submittedJanuary 24, 2013
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Lead Guitarist
The Rolling Stones
Keith Richards
The Edge
Guns N' Roses
The Beatles
George Harrison
Led Zeppelin
Jimmy Page
The Who
Pete Townshend
Noel Gallagher
Peter Buck
Eric Clapton
Rivers Cuomo
Lead Guitarist
Rage Against the Machine
Tom Morello
The Mothers of Invention
Frank Zappa
Jane's Addiction
Dave Navarro
Creedence Clearwater Revival
John Fogerty
Joe Perry
Brian May
The Grateful Dead
Jerry Garcia
The White Stripes
Jack White
Kirk Hammett
Kurt Cobain
Level 55
Mar 9, 2011
Yes! Zappa one of my favorite guitarists, people need to know who he is come on!
Level 71
Jan 24, 2013
No commercial potential.
Level 74
Sep 21, 2013
Come on now, he's Strictly Commercial...
Level 79
Apr 8, 2015
Zappa Crappa.
Level 48
Jun 6, 2016
He was only in it for the money
Level 14
Jul 18, 2012
WHAT ABOUT ACDC!?!?!?!?!?!?
Level 82
Jul 17, 2018
What about ALLCAPS?!?!?!?!
Level 54
Aug 25, 2012
missed Buck and Cuomo. Good quiz
Level 32
Jan 24, 2013
Kicking myself over Hammett and Townshend
Level 37
Apr 26, 2013
Keirh Richards plays the rhythm parts... Jones, Taylor, and wood play lead.
Level 60
Jan 13, 2014
Level 43
Jun 3, 2013
Nice to see Zappa and May on here. Maybe add some more exceptional guitarists (Satriani, Van Halen, Morse, Vai, Herring, etc) and more than just rock.
Level 50
Jul 14, 2013
Kind of subjective on the fame part here. Is Hammett really more famous than Dave Mustaine?
Level 60
Jan 13, 2014
Level 82
Jun 21, 2014
Dave Mustaine is famous, but for being the lead guitarist/singer of Megadeth. He didn't even record one studio album with Metallica.
Level 82
Jul 17, 2018
Dave Mustaine is famous for crying about not being in Metallica for 35 of their 37 years.
Level 54
Nov 29, 2013
how could you NOT have Angus Young from AC/DC??
Level 44
Sep 28, 2014
The quiz made no claims to be exclusive, inclusive, or even representative of anything. It was simply "name the guitarist." No one is missing. No one was slighted.
Level 65
Feb 18, 2014
Half of these are one guitar bands! Not exactly "lead guitarists" are they? And yes, Keith Richards is the rhythm guitarist in the Stones.
Level 20
Apr 14, 2014
hes on my quiz check it out its top 25 guitarists
Level 78
Feb 22, 2014
Weezer and Oasis are on the same page as Pete Townshend, George Harrison, Jimmy Page, Brian May and Eric Clapton? That's the first time that's ever happened.
Level 34
Apr 27, 2014
For the Weezer, the answer is Brian Bell, right?
Level 58
Sep 29, 2014
Zappa is truly a legend
Level 80
Jul 16, 2015
got all of them! I love music and i love quizzes and i love this quiz!
Level 83
Mar 10, 2017
Was looking for Lindsey Buckingham here too!
Level 39
Jul 3, 2017
Missed the guitarists from The White Stripes and The Grateful Dead.
Level 82
Jul 17, 2018
Level 83
Oct 17, 2018
But how many people with Jet Punk accounts have worked a few offices down from the brother of one the people on the list? I bet I'm on the very short list. Never made the connection even though he had the same last name until Metallica was playing the next day and our boss said something to the effect of "Kent is taking tomorrow off since his brother is going to be in town and he doesn't get to see him much when he's on tour." Never talked about music with him, he liked talking about college football a lot more.
Level 44
Dec 21, 2019
Ok grandpa
Level 19
Apr 2, 2019
No Eddie Van Halen?