Movies by Country Quiz #2

For each movie, name the modern-day country in whose territory it took place.
Not necessarily where it was filmed
Some of these movies took place in more than one country. But we only take one answer. Sorry!
Answer must correspond to highlighted box
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Last updated: May 20, 2016
First submittedSeptember 28, 2011
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The Jungle Book
Captain Phillips
Off the coast
of Somalia
The Hurt Locker
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
United States
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
La Dolce Vita
The Bridge on the River Kwai
Myanmar or Thailand
Lost in Translation
Strange Brew
District 9
South Africa
Sex and the City 2
United Arab Emirates
The Full Monty
United Kingdom
Rabbit-Proof Fence
Rambo III
In Bruges
Guatemala or Mexico
Level 73
Jul 30, 2014
I'm confused. The Kwai River is in Thailand, yet both this quiz and Wikipedia say that The Bridge on the River Kwai was set in Burma. Yes, it's close to the Burmese border, and perhaps the border was not the same in the 1940s as it is today, but the setting for the film is in present-day Thailand.
Level 29
Aug 4, 2014
Movie was set in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in Burma. The bridge itself is in Thailand. The railway was the Burma Railway
Level 75
Aug 24, 2014
The bridge is well inside Thailand. There's a regular tourist train trip to the site you can do from Bangkok.
Level 67
Jul 6, 2015
I thought the same thing. I've actually been to the museum where the camp was, and took a train over the completed bridge... IN THAILAND.
Level ∞
May 20, 2016
Weird. The Wikipedia article still says Burma. We'll accept both.
Level 45
Jan 31, 2017
also since world war 2 borders have changed
Level 82
Jul 30, 2014
Apocalypto took place in the Yucatan, which is in Mexico.
Level 28
Jul 30, 2014
Exactly what I thought.
Level 33
Aug 10, 2014
Level 55
Sep 8, 2016
Could add a Vietnam clue... Apocalypse Now or something similar.
Level 58
Dec 8, 2016
Much of Argo took place in the U.S, not just Iran.
Level 82
Dec 8, 2016
So did parts of Taken, and Captain Phillips, and the Hurt Locker, and Lost in Translation, and Sex and the City 2... might want to read the directions.
Level 66
Dec 8, 2016
Got 'em all except Rambo. Sly Stallone has screwed me again, and not for the last time.
Level 60
Jan 20, 2017
How can you forget a movie the American film makers "dedicated to the gallant people of Afghanistan"? That end credit always cracks me up
Level 36
Dec 22, 2016
Great quiz. Took me a time guessing in wich middle eastern country the women travel to in Sex and the City 2
Level 34
May 1, 2017
I always thought the Jungle Book was set in the DR Congo
Level 64
Jun 16, 2017
My mind was blank so I thought about the animals in the Jungle Book. I know Baloo is a sloth bear and they're found mostly in India. Then I remembered Mowgli is an Indian name.
Level 78
Dec 11, 2018
Besides the name Mowgli: it was written by Rudyard Kipling, features both a sloth bear and a tiger, and frequently mentions Seoni (spelled Seeonee in the book) - it all adds up to India.
Level 67
Jan 13, 2020
To me it was always pretty clearly an indian boy, he doesnt look african at all.

and how is mowgli an indian name? Kipling made it up (perhaps now it people use the name he created for the story?)

Level 45
Oct 22, 2020
Dude. Sherkhan = Tiger. Tigers = India/SE asia