Name a Valid Answer - NBA

Name any valid answer that fits in each selected category related to NBA basketball.
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Last updated: February 4, 2020
First submittedFebruary 3, 2020
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Player with more points than Michael Jordan
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar | Karl Malone | Kobe Bryant |
LeBron James
City that had an NBA team sometime after 1960,
but doesn't now
Baltimore | Buffalo | Cincinnati | Kansas City | San Diego |
Seattle | St. Louis | Syracuse | Vancouver
European-born MVP
Giannis Antetokounmpo | Dirk Nowitzki
Player born in Africa in the Hall of Fame
Hakeem Olajuwon | Dikembe Mutombo | Steve Nash
Current NBA stadium not named for a corporation
Madison Square Garden
#1 draft pick in the 1990s, not including Shaq
Derrick Coleman | Larry Johnson | Chris Webber |
Glenn Robinson | Joe Smith | Allen Iverson | Tim Duncan |
Michael Olowokandi | Elton Brand
Former UCLA player who was MVP of the NBA
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar | Bill Walton | Russell Westbrook
Person who won Defensive Player of the Year
more than once
Kawhi Leonard | Rudy Gobert | Dwight Howard |
Ben Wallace | Dikembe Mutombo | Dennis Rodman |
Alonzo Mourning | Mark Eaton | Sidney Moncrief
Player listed at 7'3" or taller (2019-2020)
Kristaps Porziņģis | Boban Marjanović | Tacko Fall
Player listed at 7'6" or taller
Yao Ming | Shawn Bradley | Gheorghe Mureșan | Manute Bol
Player listed at 5'9" or shorter with at least
5000 career points
Calvin Murphy | Muggsy Bogues | Isaiah Thomas |
Spud Webb | Nate Robinson | Earl Boykins
Player in the 50/40/90 shooting percentage club
for a single season
Stephen Curry | Steve Nash | Kevin Durant |
Larry Bird | Dirk Nowitzki | Reggie Miller |
Malcolm Brogdon | Mark Price
Player who recorded a quadruple double
Nate Thurmond | Alvin Robertson | David Robinson |
Hakeem Olajuwon
NBA commissioner
Maurice Podoloff | J. Walter Kennedy | Larry O'Brien |
David Stern | Adam Silver
Celtics "Big Three" player from 2008
Ray Allen | Kevin Garnett | Paul Pierce
Player who became a Monstar in "Space Jam"
Charles Barkley | Shawn Bradley | Patrick Ewing |
Larry Johnson | Muggsy Bogues
Country that won an Olympic gold medal at
men's basketball (other than the U.S.)
Soviet Union | Yugoslavia | Argentina
Player who played their entire career with
a single team (19+ years)
Dirk Nowitzki | Kobe Bryant | Tim Duncan | John Stockton
Dunk contest winner (2000-2010)
Vince Carter | Desmond Mason | Jason Richardson |
Fred Jones | Josh Smith | Nate Robinson |
Gerald Green | Dwight Howard
2004 Detroit Pistons starter
Chauncey Billups | Richard Hamilton | Ben Wallace |
Rasheed Wallace | Tayshaun Prince
Level 70
Feb 4, 2020
Great quiz! Makes you think, but not too hard.
Level 73
Feb 28, 2020
Yup. I am not too good in NBA quizzes, but I guessed 13/20. For me it is like 21/20 :)
Level 65
Feb 25, 2020
Never thought I'd be so happy to confidently enter "Shawn Bradley" for two different answers on a quiz.
Level 33
Feb 25, 2020
Russia not counted for Soviet Union, only one I missed :(
Level 73
Feb 25, 2020
You forgot "Newark" under cities that no longer have teams. Nets moved from there to Brooklyn.
Level 50
Feb 25, 2020
Newark and East Rutherford should both count for the Nets.
Level 70
Feb 25, 2020
Love the fact you accepted worm as an answer
Level 71
Feb 25, 2020
Definitely a bug here, Quizmaster - I got 2 right out of 20 and both were lucky guesses - and it says I got 5 out of 5 points. I like to score high occasionally, but not as a result of an 'accounting problem' :-)
Level ∞
Feb 25, 2020
There was a bug for a half hour or so. I think it should be fixed now (fingers crossed).
Level 35
Feb 28, 2020
Really great quiz. More please.
Level 72
Mar 7, 2020
It's a little nitpicky, and I only knew that it was a company because of their recent legal issues with Steve Ballmer and the Clippers, but Madison Square Garden is a corporation. It is more commonly referred to as the MSG company.

They own the Forum along with Madison Square Garden.

Level 17
Apr 7, 2020
Nice one! Madison Square Garden had me stumped. I had no idea that Manute Bol recorded a quadruple double! And Michael Jordan was a 1st pick! I didn't know that either ;)
Level 21
Nov 5, 2020
what are you talking about?
Level 20
Dec 13, 2020
mj wasnt a 1st pick he was selected 3rd