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Steven Spielberg Movies Quiz

Name these movies directed by Steven Spielberg.
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Reeses-loving alien wants to return to his home planet
Tomb-raiding archeologist must uncover a powerful religious artifact
The true story of a gangly American President
Giant great white shark has a taste for human flesh
Heroic industrialist saves Jews from the concentration camp
American soldiers must save a man whose three brothers have all been killed
Theme park owner brings dinosaurs back to life with predictable results
Space aliens abduct people
Young man and thoroughbred horse are both exposed to the horrors of WWI
Robot wants to be a real boy
Aliens easily kill most of humanity but have bad immune systems
An FBI agent pursues an extemely-talented fraudster
In a dystopian future, crimes are predicted and prevented by psychics
Intrepid Belgian reporter and his dog find a treasure map
Mossad agents find and kill the terrorists who attacked the 1972 Olympics
Young black woman in the American South faces terrible domestic abuse
Captured slaves mutiny on a slave ship bound for Cuba
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level 79
Jan 21, 2014
Never realized until doing this quiz just how many of his movies John Williams did the soundtrack for...
level 67
Oct 17, 2014
He did it for all of his feature films since Sugarland Express (1974) except for The Color Purple (1985).
level 66
Oct 17, 2014
Since I don't know how to contact the Quizzmaster by other means, I'll do it here. It should be "Todas las pruebas en espaƱol", not "Todos los pruebas espaƱoles"
level 44
Oct 19, 2014
The Close Encounters clue seems a bit off. It was more like "UFO drives man crazy, for better or worse."
level 45
Oct 19, 2014
Good quiz, but I'm missing Empire of the Sun and Duel here
level 56
Jan 27, 2017
it's not all his movies.
level 14
Oct 20, 2014
no star wars?
level 49
Oct 27, 2014
Star Wars is George Lucas'
level 34
Sep 13, 2016
Irvine Kershner, Richard Marquand and JJ Abrams ;) Lucas actually only directed the original Star Wars movie and the prequels.
level 67
Feb 14, 2015
A lot of great films! So far.
level 74
Dec 3, 2017
Three of the films on this list are in my personal top five, one of them being #1. Truly one of the greatest directors ever.
level 46
Jan 8, 2016
Damn, ain't that an impressive resume! ;)
level 73
Dec 3, 2017
yay! correct use of "dystopian!" Also thanks for whatever type-ins allowed me to get TinTin without really knowing the title or ever having seen it.
level 72
Dec 3, 2017
disappointed Duel and Sugarland Express are missing.
level 24
May 22, 2018
Ready Player One should be added to the list.
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