Newspaper Comic Strips

Name these newspaper comic strips, based on the cartoonist and the clue.
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Last updated: May 2, 2013
First submittedMarch 22, 2013
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Charlie Brown, Snoopy and pals
Charles M. Schulz
Boy and his pet tiger have adventures
Bill Watterson
Calvin & Hobbes
Orange cat loves lasagna
Jim Davis
Another comic about an orange cat
Peter Gallagher
Office worker deals with a foolish, mean, pointy-haired boss
Scott Adams
Dagwood has an attractive wife and makes enormous sandwiches
Dean Young
Circular comic about a religious family with four children
Bil Keane
The Family Circus
Great Dane causes mischief
Brad Anderson
Hard to describe except that is surreal and often
features talking animals
Gary Larson
The Far Side
Cavemen are oddly Christian despite living before Christ
Johnny Hart
A lazy Army Private is often abused by his superior officer
Mort Walker
Beetle Bailey
Politically-themed cartoon that depicted George Bush as a cowboy hat
Garry Trudeau
“Ack" says this woman who struggles with modern life
Cathy Guisewite
Patterson family gets older after thirty years, so now they
started from the beginning again
Lynn Johnston
For Better or For Worse
Pig, Rat, Zebra and Goat are talking animals
Stephan Pastis
Pearls Before Swine
Family of Vikings wears Viking hats
Chris Browne
Hägar the Horrible
Level 71
May 1, 2013
You left out Winnie Winkle! And Kerry Drake! And Smiling Jack! All of which the Washington Post used to run.
Level 58
May 1, 2013
No offense, but how old are you? I think those were popular around WWII.
Level 55
May 6, 2014
I have no idea what he's talking about.
Level 81
May 1, 2013
Ack! I missed The Family Circus because I kept typing in Family Circle... maybe the "circular" bit in the clue threw me off. And then I missed "For Better or For Worse" because I only typed "For Better or Worse" Got all the rest except for Pearls Before Swine which I'd never heard of before.
Level 60
Apr 29, 2017
And Family Circle is an actual magazine.
Level 63
May 1, 2013
Calvin and Hobbs should be accepted , took me forever to figure out I was spelling it wrong!
Level 62
May 1, 2013
Man, only 15% for For Better or For Worse? That's one of my favorites. I remember there was even an animated "movie" version that I loved to watch when I was little.
Level 44
May 2, 2013
I think the second "For" in the title threw people off - Many just try "For Better or Worse."
Level ∞
May 2, 2013
Okay that will work now
Level 55
May 6, 2014
It's one of my favorites now that I have children.
Level 75
May 1, 2013 Bloom County? Hilarious back in the day!
Level 81
May 5, 2013
agreed. Almost as good as Calvin and Hobbes. Aside from the Far Side and maybe Doonsbury nothing else here touches those two.
Level 83
May 5, 2014
Yes, Bloom County was awesome! Calvin and Hobbes rules this list.

And Doonesbury went off the rails years ago.

Level 80
Jun 25, 2014
And it had an orange cat!
Level 65
Jan 22, 2015
ACK! :)
Level 47
May 1, 2013
How bout Mother Goose and Grimm? One of the best....
Level 40
May 2, 2013
Great quiz... one of those where I can picture almost all of them in my mind but the names become a jumble & I can't come up with half of them.
Level 78
Jan 16, 2015
I had the same problem with Marmaduke, Doonesbury, For Better or Worse, and Hagar the Horrible. So frustrating not to be able to pull it out of my pea-sized brain. I've never heard of Pearls Before Swine.
Level 27
May 4, 2013
I thought it was just called Hagar...
Level 55
May 6, 2014
You could describe the Far Side as having a lot of science references.
Level 67
Nov 3, 2014
Pretty good quiz! There are a few I didn't get. I wish The Boondocks was included - even though I think the cartoon is better known, it was a comic strip first.
Level 67
Oct 24, 2018
That feeling when you scroll down to make a comment and see that you already posted it years ago. At least I caught it before making the comment a second time.
Level 78
Jan 16, 2015
My favorite is Pickles. We don't get Pickles in our local paper, but my husband's cousin sends them to us and says they are us. I think he's half right, anyway - my husband is very much like Earl who is also a fast listener who sometimes finishes listening before Grandma is finished talking.
Level 79
May 31, 2017
So if you miss the "e" in Calvin & Hobbes, tough?
Level 41
Jan 25, 2018
What about Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley?
Level 82
Aug 2, 2018
How on Earth did the comic strips that I know come together on a quiz? I haven't looked at a newspaper in years.
Level 53
Apr 5, 2019
Probably easy unless you're under 25
Level 69
Oct 5, 2020
I had no idea For Better or For Worse was in "reruns." I've spent half my life thinking it was just set in the 80s because the cartoonist grew up in the 80s. This might be the most useful thing I've learned on this website, and I'm going to go see if I can find them online to read the next 20 years of comics. This is quite surreal.