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Poland Country Quiz

Name these facts about the country of Poland.
Quiz by Quizmaster
Last updated: November 14, 2018
First submittedFebruary 17, 2014
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Capital city
Second biggest city / former capital
Former free city
known to Germans as Danzig
Main city of Upper Silesia
Longest river
River at the German/Polish border
Sea to the north of Poland
Baltic Sea
The only Polish pope
John Paul II
Radiation researcher
and first female Nobelist
Marie Curie
Donut eaten on the
last Thursday before Lent
Name of Poland in Polish
Creator of the heliocentric model
Nicolaus Copernicus
Wild cattle that went extinct in 1627
Piano virtuoso and
"Minute Waltz" composer
Frédéric Chopin
Trade union that resisted the Soviets
Leader of the above and
President of Poland from 1990-95
Lech Wałęsa
Fugitive filmmaker of "The Pianist"
Roman Polanski
Polish stuffed dumpling
Last king
Stanisław II August
level 52
Apr 15, 2014
Agreed with DudiJG, also 'Solidarnosc' should be accepted for 'Solidarity', it being the Polish name.
level 67
Apr 15, 2014
Poor Aristarchus of Samos.
level 76
Apr 15, 2014
Thought it was spelled paczi. Couldn't remember how it was really spelled.
level 65
Apr 25, 2014
Accept "Skłodowska" for the nobelist - she was Polish after all and she only accepted her husband's surname as the second one
level 21
May 12, 2014
Firstly Maria Skłodowska also should work because it was her real name: Maria Skłodowska-Curie. Secondly we all Poles use names pierogi and pączki. 3rd issue I didn't know how to spell Tur in English. 4th The last king was Stanisław August Poniatowski. Stanislaw was only his first name, in Poland we call kings by their surnames. 5th Also Mikołaj Kopernik should work because it is his real name. 6th First name of Chopin is Fryderyk not Frederic. 7th Oder id Odra in Polish so it also should work. 8th I think Solidarność is more popular name than Solidarity of that trade union. But thanks for making quiz about Poland :) you probably didn't know about those facts.
level 44
Sep 21, 2014
If you ask for a dumpling (singular), then the right answer is pierog - pierogi is the plural form!
level 80
Nov 18, 2014
Also accept Solidarnosc for Solidarity.
level 51
Mar 19, 2016
If you ask about pączki which is plural for pączek you should have put donuts not donut
level 48
Mar 7, 2017
Accept Odra and Wisla since those are the only names Polish people use for the rivers. Also "paczek" should also be accepted since it's the singular version of paczki.
level 58
Feb 14, 2018
Accept polish names! Mikołaj Kopernik for Copernicus Solidarnosc for solidarity Poniatowski for Stanislaw II August Maria Sklodowska, she accepted her husband (Pierre Curie's) surname so Sklodowska should've work too
level 57
Feb 15, 2018
lack of Poniatowski as a correct answer it's like in english accept only Barrack (not Obama) for US presidents quiz
level 41
Nov 24, 2018
It's clear that this quiz has not been made by a Polish person and has A LOT that could be improved: 1) Original, polish names of Vistula (Wisła) and Oder (Odra) should be accepted as an answer. 2) Curie's name was Maria SKŁODOWSKA Curie, not just Curie. "Skłodowska" should be accepted as an answer as well. 3) "Pączki" means "donuts", plural. A single donut that the question is about would be "pączek". 4) Original, polish name of Copernicus - "Kopernik" should be accepted as an answer. 5) Again, "pierogi" means "dumplings", while a singular dumpling would be "pieróg". 6) The last polish king is known as either Stanisław II August OR Stanisław August Poniatowski, that is way more popular for the polish people but "Poniatowski" is somehow not an accepted answer. 7) Polish name of Solidarity - "Solidarność" should be an accepted answer as well.
level 72
Nov 29, 2018
But ... can Poland into space?
level 47
Jan 10, 2019
Żubry nie wyginęły. Do dziś żyją
level 26
Mar 18, 2019
Its should work as «Wisla» or «Wisła» not Vistula. I’ve never heard of vistula
level 25
Jun 15, 2019
Someone please fix this quiz, it's very confusing in many ways, as written in previous comments ;_; Like, ok maybe we're on an English site, but it doesn't explain making Marie just a "Curie" or asking for singular dumpling/donut and not accepting a singular answer.
level 45
Jul 31, 2019
How you expect answers if you don't accept correct spelling or non Polish keybord. Solidarity should also be accepted as Solidarnosc and Paczki you cant spell different in English you need Polish keybord