Rome Geography

Can you name these facts about the geography of Rome and its surroundings?
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Last updated: December 7, 2019
First submittedJune 20, 2016
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River that flows through Rome
This independent nation is
encircled by Rome
Vatican City
World's largest church -
found in the above
St. Peters Basilica
Fiumicino airport is named
after this artist
Leonardo da Vinci
Ancient gladitorial arena
Ancient chariot-racing track
Circus Maximus
Originally the tomb of Hadrian,
later a papal fortress
Rome is capital of this region
Tourists thrown coins into this
Trevi Fountain
Neighborhood whose name
means "Field of Mars"
Campo Marzio
Italian word for "street"
Italian word for "bridge"
Chapel whose ceiling was painted
by Michelangelo
Sistine Chapel
Famous staircase built in 1725 with
Piazza di Spagna at the bottom
Spanish Steps
Central meeting place of ancient Rome
The Forum
The above is located between
these two hills
Palatine Hill
Capitoline Hill
Concrete dome built in ancient times
Term for a district of Rome.
There are 22 in total
Oldest of the papal basilicas,
built in 324 A.D.
St. John Lateran
Level 88
Jun 20, 2016
Really, you don't accept Catholic? Oh... THAT church.
Level 66
Mar 28, 2020
Exactly what I did.
Level 73
Jun 20, 2016
Nice! I suggest substituting 'Via' and 'Ponte' with more Roman based questions - eg name of second airport Fiumicino, name of river that flows into Tiber is Aniene, famous acronym SPQR, area built to host Expo 1942 (which never took place) EUR, square that used to get flooded to host ships Piazza Navona, name all 4 basilicas etc etc
Level 73
Jun 20, 2016
2nd airport - I meant Ciampino
Level 51
Aug 24, 2016
Well Rome is still a modern-day city, not just an ancient one. Quiz seems quite balanced.
Level 73
Aug 25, 2016
I wasn't referring to modern-ancient, just saying that some of the questions are Italy-related, not Rome-related
Level 29
Aug 13, 2016
It sucks that i only speak italian and it won't except italian answers
Level 77
Apr 10, 2018
Well, judging by your comment, the word "only" is a bit inaccurate here.
Level 56
Aug 13, 2016
Funny story here, this happened when my family was in Rome on vacation. It was the last night and our hotel was next to the basilica di Mary Maggiore, so we asked our taxi driver to take us to Mary Maggiore. Lucky for us he knew very little English (or he just pretended to) and he took us to via di Saint Mary Maggiore. Of course there weren't good, clear street signs and we couldn't figure out where we were, and our driver kept saying, "Via! Via di Saint Mary Maggiore!" This is where my Spanish education came to help me; I knew that via meant street and realized that he must have taken us to Mary Maggiore street! (probably just to charge us more) We all had to pretend to pray until he understood that we wanted to go to the Basilica di Mary Maggiore instead of Mary Maggiore street.
Level 60
Aug 13, 2016
you should accept palantine and capotiline without 'hill' - the word hill is included in the clue so obsolete. I tried all of them without success because I omitted 'hill'
Level ∞
Aug 13, 2016
We do
Level 74
Jun 25, 2019
Perhaps you should have spelled them as "Palatine" and "Capitoline".
Level 67
Aug 13, 2016
Strada should be accepted for Italian word for street
Level 85
Aug 13, 2016
Strada is a perfectly good Italian word for 'street.' And "Campo" means 'field,' not 'fields.'
Level ∞
Aug 13, 2016
Strada will work now and I removed the extraneous s.
Level 80
Aug 14, 2016
Today I learned that I need to know more about Rome
Level 68
Jan 2, 2017
I'm quite sure many Italians take this quiz and like me they immediately try with Italian word: i.e. Tevere, Sistina, Palatino and Campidoglio.
Level 72
Mar 15, 2017
A funny thing happened on the way to the 15th question.
Level 59
Sep 5, 2018
Why is Flavian Amphitheatre never accepted in any of these quizzes?
Level 29
Nov 9, 2018
quite sure these places are better known with Italian name. "San Pietro" or "Tevere" should be accepted
Level 58
Jan 17, 2021
Given all the autocorrects jetpunk accepts I did not expect to stumble over Castel Sant' Angelo.