Six Letter Geography #2

Name these geographic answers that are only six letters long.
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Last updated: November 4, 2018
First submittedOctober 23, 2014
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Oktoberfest city
Where JFK was shot
Capital of Saskatchewan
Commercial capital of India
Micro-state on the French Riviera
Peninsula of Portugal and Spain
Sea between Greece and Turkey
Official languages of Israel
Country of fjords
London's river
Main island of Japan
Second-biggest city in Poland
Where "La Cosa Nostra" got its start
Driest state in the U.S.
Country that borders Lake Victoria
Russian volcano; Highest mountain in Europe
Mt. Elbrus
Island of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei
French region on the German border
Strait between Russia and Alaska
Country that borders Belize
1936 Olympic host city
War-torn region of western Sudan
Capital of Cuba
Level 65
Nov 25, 2014
Nice quiz! 21/24 :)
Level 37
Jan 12, 2015
I thought Kracow could be spelled "Cracow?" You got me on some of these...Used to know them but drew blanks! TY for making me think!
Level 64
Apr 8, 2016
Me too. Cracow should be an acceptable English language exonym, just like Munich and Havana.
Level ∞
Oct 29, 2016
Cracow will work now
Level 44
Feb 19, 2017
Isn't Krakow the third biggest city in Poland?
Level 59
Feb 19, 2017
nr two.
Level 76
Feb 19, 2017
It's probably third in metro population.
Level 78
Jan 12, 2015
I remember the highest mountain in Europe by associating it with a body joint which bends into the shape of a mountain. Therefore, I couldn't figure out why Mt. Nebrus wasn't accepted. Smacking self severely. Also thrown by the Monaco clue. I was trying to think of some smaller division of France located on the Riviera. I always think of Monaco as simply a country. I think I need another cup of coffee this morning. Good quiz to get me thinking early, though.
Level 39
Jan 12, 2015
Forgot the Aegean, even though I've sailed on it. Grrr.
Level 59
Jun 25, 2019
Forgot the highest mountain in Europe, even though I climbed it. Grrrr
Level 45
Jan 12, 2015
100% WOOHOO!!
Level 70
Jan 12, 2015
I thought it said Portugal rather than Poland
Level 78
Jan 13, 2015
Well that wouldn't make any sense would it lol
Level 72
Aug 8, 2016
Went straight from one of the chain quizzes to this and got thrown for a fairly ridiculous amount of time by question number two. Eventually I realised the letters didn't need to match up.
Level 55
Dec 10, 2016
Could Elsass for Alsace maybe be added as a type-in? That is the German name for it.
Level 51
Feb 20, 2017
I remember Krakow From Calvin and Hobbes
Level 44
Feb 20, 2017
I always remember Regina due to the Brian Eno song. I guess obscure lyrics come in handy sometimes...
Level 67
Feb 11, 2019
I don't know how you call it abroad, but in the original language it's just know as Cosa Nostra, without La
Level 38
Mar 18, 2019
^ Agree. "La" Cosa Nostra ("The" Our Thing) doesn't make sense in the English translation. And I'm surprised that, given that these are English quizzes, as we are so often reminded, the term hasn't been translated into English.
Level 67
Nov 6, 2019
Please accept "throat" for the question where was JFK shot.
Level 44
Dec 21, 2019
This is a geography quiz, not an atanomy quiz
Level 66
Jun 15, 2020
Arabic is no longer an official language of Israel.