Super Short Movie Titles

Based on a description, try to guess these movie titles that are only 2-4 characters long.
Movie titles can include letters and numbers
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Last updated: November 17, 2021
First submittedDecember 27, 2011
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Widower uses balloons to travel to South America
Norse god is banished to Earth
Gay man wins political office in San Francisco
Teen is pregnant but has a sense of humor about it
Small number of oily soldiers battle a much larger force of Persians
One of Santa's helpers travels to NYC to meet his biological father
Woman gains superpowers after a drug allows her to use more than 10% of her brain
Scientist is at times green, angry, and incredible
Anthropomorphic automobiles compete to win the big race
Man and his stuffed bear are thunder buddies for life
Inside a computer, a man uses his frisbee to fight for the users
Man falls in love with his operating system
Confirming Mayan predictions, the world is destroyed by a series of natural disasters
Giant shark eats skinny-dippers and people in small boats off the coast of Massachusetts
After making a wish, a boy wakes up in the body of a fully-grown man
Maybe the Kennedy assassination was a huge conspiracy
Evil shape-shifting entity hunts children while disguised as a clown
Blind pianist becomes a music legend
Mathematician is driven to madness by a 216 digit number
Brazilian birds must defeat smugglers
Level 50
Jul 16, 2014
No "Cars"?
Level ∞
Aug 25, 2016
Added cars
Level 83
Jul 16, 2014
I came up with one that only had 1 character in my similar quiz, you can take that one using only your num-pad.
Level 44
Jul 17, 2014
I was looking for "a team of retired spies"... RED.
Level 85
Sep 7, 2018
Story of Jack Reed, American who reported on the Russian Revolution....REDS
Level 53
Jul 17, 2014
I was expecting "M" and "If"
Level 79
Nov 17, 2021
"if...." has 6 characters though, despite only 2 letters.
Level 63
Jul 17, 2014
The movie "It" would be a good question to add to this.
Level ∞
Nov 17, 2021
Added "It"
Level 91
Jan 24, 2015
add 42
Level 82
Feb 21, 2017
$ (from 1971, starring Warren Beatty and Goldie Hawn) Only way to have a movie with a shorter title is to....not make a movie.
Level 54
Nov 1, 2017
Perhaps add Rush and E.T.?
Level 79
Nov 17, 2021
The actual title is "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial"
Level 64
May 20, 2018
If a man fell in love with his operating system, you could bet he wasn't running Windows.
Level 71
Aug 17, 2018
Ah yes, that would be the movie "Clippy."
Level 67
Sep 8, 2019
I would soo watch that!!
Level 80
Nov 18, 2021
I did try "Unix", though...
Level 44
Oct 2, 2019
Level 83
Jun 15, 2020
I've seen most of these. You?
Level 56
Aug 11, 2021
It should be on here
Level 38
Aug 18, 2021
I accidentally guessed 21 after I failed trying to do 2012
Level 62
Sep 21, 2021
For some reason I couldn't get Fred out of my head... (as opposed to Ted). But yeah, Ted makes more sense.
Level 75
Nov 17, 2021
There was a frisbee in Tron?
Level 70
Nov 19, 2021
You could probably lob 2 minutes off the time. I gave up with over two mins left having got 14. I have never heard of 3 of the 6 I missed, and wouldn’t have got the others anyway.
Level 72
Nov 21, 2021
Hook and M were the ones I thought of that weren't here.
Level 35
Nov 21, 2021
I expected Z and Cube, great quiz either way
Level 36
Nov 22, 2021
W., LBJ, Vice, Ali and xXx...
Level 41
Nov 22, 2021
Can't believe I didn't get 300... :/
Level 32
Nov 22, 2021
no Us?