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The Trojan War

Can you answer these questions about the Trojan War in Greek mythology?
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Last updated: April 11, 2017
First submittedApril 11, 2017
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What was the name of the Goddess of Discord who threw a golden apple marked "for the fairest"?
Which three goddesses thought the apple was for them?
What prince was brought in to judge a beauty contest between the goddesses?
What beautiful woman was abducted by that prince?
What was the primary weapon used by soldiers in the Trojan War?
Who was the King of Mycenae and the leader of the Greeks?
Who was the main hero of the Greeks?
What river was that hero dipped in as a child - making him (almost) impervious to harm?
The Styx
What body part was not dipped in the river?
Which deadly sin was that hero most guilty of?
Who was that hero's best friend and possible lover?
Who was the main hero of Troy?
Who was the king of Troy?
What Trojan princess was given the gift of prophecy (but the curse that no one would believe her)?
In what modern day country would you find the ruins of Troy?
Which cunning Greek warrior designed the Trojan Horse?
What Trojan warrior fled into Italy, becoming an ancestor of the ancient Romans?
Who is credited with writing "The Iliad"?
level 71
Jul 20, 2017
I thought it was a Trojan Rabbit.
level 57
Aug 19, 2017
A moose once bit my sister.
level 73
Aug 19, 2017
Look if we built this large wooden badger...
level 73
Aug 21, 2017
Is it behind the rabbit?
level 67
Aug 19, 2017
EZPZ That was a great quiz.
level 60
Aug 19, 2017
Yeah! 14/20! Thank you Latin Class!
level 67
Aug 19, 2017
Minor point - there are lots of questions, but generally, Homer is credited with creating the Iliad, but not writing it. He is supposed to have created (and memorized) it, reciting it as a storyteller (I think).
level 71
Aug 19, 2017
Or, as Mark Twain may have said, the Iliad was not written by Homer, but by someone else by the same name. (Or was that Hamlet and Shakespeare?)
level 70
Aug 21, 2017
One day I will learn to spell Odysseus correctly. Today is not that day.
level 53
Aug 21, 2017
I would have thought Hubris was the sin, considering Apollo struck him down for it
level 28
Jun 1, 2018
but in the iliad it's his 'furor' that leads him back onto the battlefield after patroclus' death
level ∞
Jul 8, 2019
Homer's Iliad is the most famous narrative of Achilles' deeds in the Trojan War. Achilles' wrath (μῆνις Ἀχιλλέως, mênis Achilléōs) is the central theme of the poem.
level 66
Aug 23, 2017
Achilles was most guilty of wrath? Judging from the movie, I thought it was pride.
level 63
Oct 20, 2019
we do not talk about that thing here
level 66
Mar 24, 2019
I figured that it wasn’t right, but the only other Greek warrior that I could remember was Ajax, so I accidentally started a new love triangle.
level 64
Aug 8, 2019
The great Ajax or the smaller one?