U.S. General Knowledge #26

Answer these random questions with an American focus.
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Last updated: October 1, 2017
First submittedSeptember 28, 2017
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What are the two most populous cities in Tennessee?
Who did author Toni Morrison call "the first black President of the United States"?
Bill Clinton
What government agency has its headquarters in Langley, Virginia?
Who won the first season of "American Idol"?
Kelly Clarkson
What TV show features a character named Squidward Q. Tentacles?
SpongeBob SquarePants
What sport, commonly played in high schools, is based on a game
played by Native Americans?
What is the number one selling brand of peanut butter in the U.S.?
What TV show told the story of advertising executive Don Draper?
Mad Men
Complete the marketing tagline: "Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's __________".
In what state was the TV show "Gilmore Girls" set?
What cartoon strip, often featuring animals, was created by Gary Larson?
The Far Side
Which two states are nearly rectangular (when viewed on a Mercator projection map)?
What domestic terrorist managed to get his manifesto published
by the New York Times in 1995?
Ted Kaczynski
What was referred to in the 1990s as the "Information Superhighway"?
The Internet
What is the last name of siblings Donny and Marie?
What family famously feuded against the McCoys in 1800s Appalachia?
The Hatfields
What were Meriwether and William better known as?
Lewis and Clark
What object is called a "pigskin" despite usually being made from cowhide?
a Football
Level 76
Sep 28, 2017
I think I named every state (besides the two already completed) in trying to guess the Gilmore Girls question!
Level 79
Jan 13, 2018
I was lucky. I began in the northeast with Maine and it didn't take long.
Level 89
Sep 28, 2017
Shouldn't it be, "WHAT were Meriwether and William better known as?"
Level 65
Sep 29, 2017
How about "Who"?
Level 82
Sep 28, 2017
Whyyyy did I stop at just half of Meriwether and William? psst.. typo: terrorist.
Level 83
Sep 28, 2017
Perhaps it should be OK to accept "Far Side" without the "The".
Level 81
Sep 29, 2017
Who "was" the first winner of "American Idol".
Level ∞
Sep 30, 2017
Far Side will work without the "The" now. Also typos have been fixed. Just a reminder, that you need to check the box that says "This comment contains a correction or suggestion for the Quizmaster" if you want me to read your comment. We get too many comments for me to read them all.
Level 74
Oct 1, 2017
Spelling: terrorist
Level 85
Oct 6, 2017
Some additional spellings of the terrorist's last name would be nice to have. I remembered his nickname, or I would have been sunk by that. Also, maybe reword the question about the states being "nearly rectangular" - nearly is a subjective term that could make states like Kansas and the Dakotas seem "close enough", depending on the quiz-taker. I'd recommend "unbroken, parallel, and straight borders joining at right angles to appear nearly rectangular" with some wishy-washy language added to cop to the fact that it's all approximate.
Level 65
Jan 13, 2018
Yeah, I just typed in the nickname first because I couldn't be bothered to try to guess the spelling.
Level 37
Jan 14, 2018
I agree, but just for the record, Colorado and Wyoming's borders aren't perfectly rectangular under any map projection – they were meant to be, but surveying errors dating back to the nineteenth century messed things up a lot, especially on Wyoming's border with Idaho. Can't tell from just a glance at distance, though.
Level 57
Jan 13, 2018
Jif used to be a top selling cleaning fluid in the UK, until they changed the name to the more dubious Cif, because it was getting confused with Jif lemon juice which continues to this day. Would never have thought it could be a peanut butter.
Level 79
Jan 13, 2018
"Choosy mothers choose Jif." (Which always made me wonder which brand choosy fathers would choose - Peter Pan?)
Level 79
Jan 13, 2018
In New Zealand, the cleaning fluid is still called Jif as far as I know.
Level 58
Jan 18, 2018
We're Skippy people.
Level 62
Jan 13, 2018
Man, I spelled Lacrosse like Lacrass so I didn't get the answer.
Level 71
Jan 14, 2018
youd think lacross would be good enough. Strict quiz
Level 60
Jan 14, 2018
According to US Lacrosse, only about 15% of public high schools had lacrosse programs in 2016. I wouldn't call that "common".


Level 57
Jan 15, 2018
I knew the answer, but couldn't get the spelling right on the Maybelline question.
Level 53
Jan 16, 2018
Maybe a better descriptor is needed for the lacrosse question. Hockey was invented by the Micmac Indians, and I would say that it is played in high schools at a similar rate as lacrosse. It can even be argued that Ullamaliztli, an Aztec game of getting a ball through a hoop, is a precursor to basketball.
Level 46
Jan 17, 2018
For the Gilmore Girls question I literally entered every single New England state except for Connecticut. Also guessed pretty much every other East Coast state. Wow, sorry, Connecticut people.
Level 49
Jan 23, 2018
It's been so long since I've read anything about Lewis and Clark that I unfortunately typed "Louis and Clark". I also missed the Gilmore Girls question, but that one doesn't bother me.