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Vietnam Country Quiz

Name these facts about the country of Vietnam.
Quiz by Quizmaster
First submittedMarch 4, 2014
Last updatedMarch 4, 2014
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Largest city
Ho Chi Minh City
Former name of that city
Peninsula on which Vietnam sits
Bordering countries
Most common religion
River that flows through the capital
Major river that meets the sea
in southern Vietnam
Country that colonized Vietnam
Family names that account
for almost 50% of the population
South Vietnamese insurgent group
that fought the U.S.
Viet Cong
Well-known type of noodle soup
Vietnamese New Year
Infamous herbicide used by the U.S.
Agent Orange
Name for refugees of the late 1970's
Boat People
Staple crop
level 76
May 10, 2014
Don't think I've ever heard "boat people" before, and missed the name of the river in the capital. Got the rest. Saigon has changed so much in the last 5 years.
level 63
May 11, 2014
We in Australia use the term 'boat people' all the time, these days, as a carry over from Vietnam - to refer to any refugees, regardless of how they arrive (though, clearly this is more than 98% by boat).
level 76
Sep 11, 2017
That might in part be due to you living on an island.
level 59
Sep 12, 2017
I'm from Canada, not an island, and boat people was the term that was used back in the 70s and 80s.
level 45
Aug 4, 2018
Yes, I remember my Dad (who was a baby boomer born in the 50's, so he remembers the flood of refugees after the war pretty well) using the term a lot. Quite a few settled in our home town. I still remember the old guy who used to have the best fish and chips place in town, he wore huge glasses that always looked about to fall off and had a drink fridge that must of been made in the 50's. And a wall clock with Vietnam on it which was how I figured it out when I was a kid...
level 71
May 10, 2014
Drat. Didn't know the currency and didn't think of "boat people". I'm really confused about the capital though; on most of the other quizzes it's Ho Chi Minh City that's listed as capital but here you have Hanoi. Which one is it? Also, I managed to somehow read the last clue as "STALE crop" and therefore missed rice. Lol.
level ∞
May 11, 2014
We never list Ho Chi Minh City as the capital of Vietnam on any featured quiz.
level 76
May 11, 2014
maybe you're thinking of the largest city by country quiz that was featured a while back? Though Ho Chi Minh definitely shows up on quizzes on this site more frequently than Hanoi does, if it is ever listed as the capital of Vietnam that's in error, and I don't recall ever seeing such an error on this site.
level 38
May 13, 2014
100%, I know more about Vietnam than I should.
level 69
Sep 15, 2016
Nothing wrong with knowing about Vietnam. 'Tis a fine country.
level 79
Jan 28, 2015
Wow, in most countries the female body part is the currency, not the male body part! ;)
level 77
Jul 10, 2015
I'm an American living in Vietnam, so I got 100%. However it was kinda funny that I guessed "Pham" for 2nd most common name, and it filled in the answer "phở"!
level 32
Sep 11, 2017
Got confused with Naypam as infamous herbicide. Didn't know what agent orange was
level 7
Feb 15, 2018
good quiz vietnam is a good country in total but the only thing is it is not famous
level 7
Feb 15, 2018
i know more than this about vietnam from india jetpunk can yu make more quizes like that
level 53
Aug 31, 2018
Can you accept Hồng Hà for the Red river? I had to think when it wasn't accepted
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