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7522020-03-28Green Day songs (studio albums)
6742015-06-13Capital cities with exactly 6 letters
5552020-09-21Capitals of overseas territories and disputed states
4352015-06-09Capital cities containing a J
3702015-06-26Capitals with exactly 4 letters
3562015-07-05Southernmost capitals by continent
2562015-07-05Northernmost capitals by continent
2022015-06-20Which country
1882015-07-23Scrambled band names
1682015-06-23Biggest European Airlines
1392015-06-22Main US Airlines
1382015-07-10Count to 100 using two times table
1312015-06-13Capital cities with exactly 7 letters
1242015-06-23Biggest Asian Airlines
1242015-06-20Heathrows busiest routes
1212015-07-11Count from 100 to 1
1192015-06-07Capital cities containing the letter V
1132015-06-14Capital cities with exactly 9 letters
1092015-08-30Newcastle United 2015-16
1052015-09-26Capital cities ending in an A
1032016-06-26Harry Potter characters unscramble
962015-07-04Ski resort countries
912015-06-02All Time Low albums
892017-02-17Kings of Leon albums
862015-07-21Bands by 1st UK charting single
822015-06-15Capital cities with exactly 5 letters
822015-09-27Capital cities ending in an E
722015-06-03Newcastle United squad 2014/15
692015-06-19Capital cities with exactly 10 letters
692015-06-24Capital cities with eleven or more letters
682015-05-31Which states are these American bands from
672015-06-30South American Airlines
662015-06-13Capital cities with exactly 8 letters
632015-06-30Capital city scramble
582015-06-29Biggest selling rock songs of the 21st Century
572015-06-10Capital cities containing five or more vowels
542015-06-19Lowest temperature records
522015-09-22Name the lead singer
522017-10-01All songs by The Killers
512015-08-28Beatles songs- year of release
512015-07-05Mountains in Europe
512015-06-19Highest temperature records
452020-09-23Albums by the Killers
442015-06-01Bands original names
442016-03-29Last 20 capitals in the alphabet
432015-11-04Bands' fans nicknames
372017-06-16University by Country
362015-06-21Which country #2
342016-03-291st twenty capital cities in the alphabet
332016-06-19Capital cities scramble 3
332020-09-11All-time Premier League Wins by Club
322020-09-10All-Time Premier League Goals by Team
322015-06-01Years these songs were released
312020-09-12All-time Premier League Clean Sheets by Goalkeeper
282017-06-16University by Country 2
272015-05-31Years these bands were formed
272016-06-19Capital city scramble 2
262020-09-11All-time Premier League Losses
252020-09-10All-time Premier League Goals Conceded by Team
242020-09-14All-time Premier League Assists by Player
232015-06-01When were these albums released?
232015-06-01Years these songs were released #2
222020-09-11All-time Premier League Goals by Player
222015-06-02When were these albums released #2
192017-07-29University by Country 3
182015-06-02Musical collaborations
52020-04-19Newcastle United 2019-20
32020-08-21The Killers' Songs