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6882021-04-22Biggest countries by combined area and population
682020-06-21Biggest cities once in the Norwegian Empire
672021-02-06Five biggest islands in every continent
542021-03-08All countries by furthest point from Equator, with a map.
502021-03-06Countries with longest north-south difference
452021-01-03Biggest British Islands cities within 100 km, with a map
412021-04-19Countries with longest east-west difference
412021-02-0720 European cities furthest from a bigger, with a map.
382021-01-2420 African cities furthest from a bigger, with a map.
352021-01-2320 biggest nordic cities
312021-04-03Northernmost and southernmost 10M cities
302020-11-19Northernmost and southernmost 100k cities
292021-01-1820 Asian cities furthest from a bigger, with a map.
282020-01-13Norges nye fylker
272021-03-17All countries from north to south, by southernmost point
272021-03-19Country names in Norwegian
272021-01-03Biggest nordic cities within 100 km, with a map.
262021-01-2420 North-American cities furthest from a bigger, with a map.
262021-01-23Five cities furthest from a bigger city by continent
252020-11-21Northernmost and southernmost 1M cities
252021-01-2320 biggest nordic urban areas
242021-04-20Biggest countries bordering most populous countries
242021-03-17All countries from south to north, by northernmost point
242021-01-2420 South-American cities furthest from a bigger, with a map.
232021-01-24Five cities furthest from a bigger by continent, with a map.
232021-04-03Easternmost and westernmost 10M cities
192020-09-06Land som slutter på «land»
192020-09-06Land som slutter på «ia»
192020-09-20Countries and territories closest to Bouvet Island
182021-04-02Easternmost and westernmost 1M cities
172020-05-04Nordic subdivisions
172021-01-2420 Oceanian cities furthest from a bigger, with a map.
162020-06-04Hunndyr og hanndyr
162021-02-22Biggest Central American cities within 100 km, with a map.
142021-05-16European heads of state that are not presidents
132020-05-2520 most populated nordic islands
122020-11-19Northernmost and southernmost 10k cities
112021-05-16European presidents
102021-03-30Easternmost and westernmost 100k cities
92020-11-23Northernmost and southernmost cities and towns
82020-05-1420 biggest nordic islands
52020-12-27De 8 Kanariøyene
52020-05-1720 longest nordic rivers
52020-05-1820 largest nordic municipalities
42020-07-2620 largest nordic rivers
42020-07-1220 deepest nordic lakes
42020-05-1620 largest nordic lakes