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Literal English Names of Countries

We provide the literal English translation of a country name, you type in the actual name.
Last updated: March 14, 2015
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United States of Amerigo
United States of America
Land of Ice
Sunday Republic
Dominican Republic
Seafarers or Rowers
Central Nation
Resplendent Island
Sri Lanka
Lands of King Phillip II
Little Venice
Land of the Rising Sun
Unknown Southern Land
Small Islands
South Land of Dust
South Africa
Black Mountain
level 75
Mar 14, 2015
Which part of "Australia" means "unknown"?
level 74
Mar 15, 2015
That is a good question, and I don't have a great answer, other than sharing my source for the quiz: http://i.imgur.com/ex6Zu.jpg
level 29
Oct 13, 2017
"Australia" means "southern". Before it was found by Europeans, it was suspected that a continent exists there, and it was tentatively named "terra australis incognita", which means "unknown land in the south", and "australis" was the Latin word for "south".
level 54
Apr 11, 2015
Should be noted that "China" comes from the word "Qin" whereas "Central Nation" is referring to "Zhongguo". It'd be like giving the etymology of "Holland" when the answer is "Netherlands".
level 70
Nov 4, 2018
Oi, Josh ~ I gotta call this one your first swing-and-a-miss. An unsourced imgur graphic is not a good authority on which to base anything; a quick perusal of Wikipedia (itself not even worthy of being a primary, unverified source for quizzes, IMHO) shows that nearly every hint here is wrong. I do love the idea though! With proper research, I think it could turn out to be a pretty funny quiz (for instance, Sri Lanka's actual, correct literal English translation of "Mr. Island" inexplicably gives me the giggles). Anyway, I was delighted to find your quizzes through your first featured one (congrats!), and honestly, I think you already have some gems that could be featured-worthy with just a bit of polishing up. I love the way your mind works!!
level 74
Nov 5, 2018
Yeah, that is what I get on basing a quiz on a unverified Reddit post.