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Famous U.S. Streets

Which city is the famous street in?
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Bourbon Street
Fifth Avenue, Wall Street, Broadway
Michigan Avenue
Beacon Street, Newbury Street
Pennsylvania Avenue
Peachtree Street
Beale Street
Lombard Street
The Strip, Las Vegas Boulevard
Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard
The Boardwalk
Calle Ocho, Ocean Drive, Biscayne Boulevard
Canyon Road
South Street
Duvall Street
Rodeo Drive
Worth Avenue
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level 53
Mar 9, 2015
Your world is very small...
level 55
Mar 9, 2015
Wow. I never knew over 70% of the world's streets were in the USA. What about Orchard Road? Unter den Linden? Via del Corso? Wyndham Street? The Arbat?
level 59
Mar 9, 2015
London should also be accepted for Lombard Street - the centre of the world's insurance market for centuries, and the HQ of most English banks until the 1980s.
level 35
Mar 30, 2016
London isn't in the U.S.A...
level 18
Apr 1, 2016
Make a yellow box
level 76
Jul 15, 2016
South Street in New York (because of the Seaport) is probably better known than South Street Philadelphia despite the cheesesteaks.
level 30
Jan 15, 2017
make an international version
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