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US States with Short Names

Can you name the six states whose names are 5 letters long or less?
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level 35
Apr 17, 2017
the least amount was texas..
level 78
Apr 20, 2017
everything is BIGGER in texas, not smaller
level 73
Apr 17, 2017
Fun quiz. Do one with the longest names?
level 57
Apr 17, 2017
level 19
Dec 5, 2017
Idaho no you da ho
level 21
Dec 5, 2017
I first couldn't think about Ohio but then I remembered it again as I went through a map of the US in my thoughts. And by the way 0:50 still remaining!!!
level 8
Dec 5, 2017
Easy peasy
level 29
Dec 6, 2017
Got everything except for Ohio and had to sing through 50 nifty United States to get to it
level 4
Dec 8, 2017
I missed only Utah in my first try.100% in the second try.
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