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Australian Geography

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Most Northern Point
Most Eastern Point
Most Western Point
Most Southern Point
Most Southern Point on the mainland
Capital Of Australia
The Big Rock
Largest Mountain
Longest River
2nd Longest River
Largest Desert
The States that the Largest Desert Span
Second Largest Desert
Which state is the second largest desert in
Largest Lake
Largest Reef
Largest Fringing Reef
The Ocean to the west
The Ocean to the South
The Ocean to the East
The Sea to the North
Nearest Neighbour
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level 70
May 6, 2015
Any chance of allowing some alternate spellings for Kosciuszko? That's a really hard one to spell.
level 25
May 6, 2015
i added kosiosko, koziosko and kosiozko. Any other recommendations on spelling? I can't even spell it right off the top of my head
level 43
May 8, 2015
Nice quiz. I was sure it was 'Kosciusko' before I added the 'z'. Also Arafura has the r and f switched around
level 25
May 10, 2015
thanks :D i don't know why i missed the Arafura thing *facepalm*
level 40
Oct 26, 2016
There are actually two seas to the north of Australia: the Arafura and Timor seas. And could you add the two states as type-ins for 'The States that the Largest Desert Span'? Speaking of, maybe replace 'that' with 'with' on that same one.
level 28
Dec 21, 2017
Arafura Sea isn't working when I type it in.
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