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most political parties receive income in the form of?
membership subscriptions
until the 1990s, the majority of labours funding was from?
trade unions
whilst the conservative funding came from?
wealthy individuals and businesses
What led to an adverse impact on party finances?
partisan dealignment
the rise of large individual donations led to the perception that...
political influence could be bought
for example, who's £1 million donation to labour caused contoversy?
bernie ecclestone
what did his donation allegedly lead to the delay of?
f1 tobacco advertisement removal
what act imposed an overall limit on party spending?
the political parties, elections and referendums act
what limit was imposed on spending per constituency?
over what amount did all donations have to be declared?
what act imposed tighter regulations on spending following 2000?
the political parties and elections act
which allowed the electoral commission to? [1]
impose fines
which allowed the electoral commission to? [2]
restrict donations from non UK residents
which allowed the electoral commission to? [3]
reduce thresholds for declaring donations
which report concluded that greater state funding might be the way forward?
2007 Philips Report
what funding formula did he philips report suggest?
pence per voter
define cranbourne money
funds paid to opposition parties in the house of lords
in order to? (1)
help cover administrative costs
(2) so they can?
provide proper scrutiny of government
in 2014/15 how much money did labour receive from crabourne money?
define short money
Cranbourne money but given to the house of commons not lords
what are cranbourne and short money referred to as?
policy development grants
should political parties be state funded ?
yes- state funding allows politicians to?
focus on representing constituents
rather than?
courting potential donors
yes - it would prevent the controversy of ?
wealthy individuals influencing government
yes- parties like lib dems would be on?
equal financial footing
because funding would be allocated based entirely on ?
electoral performance
should political parties be state funded?
no- taxpayers shouldn't be expected to?
bankroll parties they oppose
no- parties will always be?
because there are always differences in ?
membership levels and human resources
new regulations have made party funding more?
but parties have employed tactics like telling supporters to give ?
long term low interest loans
in order to sidestep the new ?
what scandal during labours time in office came from this tactic?
loans for peerages
in 2015, despite an upsurge in membership, what percent did membership fees account for of Labour's overall annual income?
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