European Imperialism Quiz

Answer these questions about European imperialism in Africa and Asia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Quiz by CringeDragon
Last updated: November 14, 2017
First submittedNovember 13, 2017
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"The sun never set" on which empire?
British Empire
Which empire controlled Congo Free State?
What was the famous poem by Rudyard Kipling about imperialism in Africa?
The White Man's Burden
Which war was fought between the British and the Dutch Afrikaners in South Africa in 1899?
Boer War
Which war did Britain fight with China over trading rights in 1839?
Opium War
Before ^ what was the only Chinese city Europeans were allowed to trade in?
In which Sudanese city did the British and French meet and almost go to war over?
Which British imperialist wanted to conquer all of Africa "from Cairo to Cape Town?"
Cecil Rhodes
Name one country with a sphere of influence in China
Britain, France, Russia, Germany, or Japan
Which Indian rebellion happened over pork and cow fat being put on bullets?
Sepoy Rebellion
Which country controlled the African territories of Togoland and Kamerun?
When India gained independence, which primarily Muslim countries broke apart in order to have religious freedom?
East and West Pakistan
What was the Netherlands' only Asian teritory?
Dutch East Indies
Which Chinese city was handed over to the British in 1841?
Hong Kong
Level 68
May 7, 2019
Please change 'Guangzhou' to 'Canton' (although Canton is already accepted as a type-in), as that is what is was known then.
Level 68
May 7, 2019
Correction: Hong Kong Island was handed over to the British in 1841, not exactly a city.
Level 68
May 7, 2019
'Territory' is spelt wrong in the 13th question.
Level 68
May 7, 2019
Please change 'which primarily Muslim countries' to '... country', as East and West Pakistan was then a single country (Pakistan). East Pakistan only then separated to become Bangladesh in 1972.
Level 68
May 7, 2019
For 'Sepoy Rebellion', please also accept 'Indian Mutiny' as it is more commonly known. In fact I've never heard of it as Sepoy Rebellion before.
Level 68
May 7, 2019
Fun fact: The expression that 'the sun never sets' on the British Empire was actually first used for the Spanish colonial empire a few centuries back. It was then popularised by the British Empire, because the Sun always shone on British territory at any time of day. That could also be said for the French colonial empire. In fact, even today, the Sun still shines on British territory at any time of day (look it up!). The same goes for French territory!