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28,0232020-09-18 Modern Day Countries of Nazi Germany on a Map
25,7582021-03-13 Category Elimination - Cities
23,7752020-10-05 Every U.S. Metro Area on a Map
16,5512020-03-31 Name Any Valid U.S. City
14,2152020-09-08 Every 100k+ City in the United States on a Map
13,4892021-02-11 U.S. State Shapes Multiple Choice
13,3962021-03-21 Name a Valid Country by Disputed Area
13,1822021-03-10 Every 1,000,000+ City on a Map
12,6842020-09-23 Category Elimination - U.S. Metro Areas
10,8262020-03-30 Cities on Route 66 on a Map
8,4642020-09-15 Largest Nordic Cities on a Map
7,7342020-09-24 Largest Lakes in the United States on a Map
6,2072020-08-20 100 największych miast w Polsce na mapie
2,6222020-10-171,000 Largest US Cities
2,3762020-06-26 Dzisiejsze państwa nazistowskich Niemiec na mapie
1,6902020-01-0410 Largest Cities in Random US States
1,4572020-06-26 Moderne Länder von Nazideutschland auf einer Karte
1,1472021-03-02Biggest Cities in the Fertile Crescent on a Map
1,1212020-04-06U.S. Mountains and Mountain Ranges on a Map
1,0172020-12-21Name a Valid Answer - U.S. Politics
1,0102020-04-25Cities in the Denver Metro Area on a Map
9152020-03-25Cities on Interstate 25 on a Map
8672019-11-04Name a Valid City by Location
8652020-08-19Largest Cities in the U.S. Southwest on a Map
7932020-05-04Every City in Colorado on a Map
7822020-08-26100 Biggest Cities in Australia on a Map
7482021-04-01Non-Controversial World Map
7342020-05-16Every City in Nevada on a Map
6832020-03-29Cities on Interstate 70 on a Map
6772020-08-19100 Biggest Cities in Poland on a Map
6722021-03-1850 States, 50 Landmarks
6532020-05-12Californian Geography on a Map
6352019-11-04Name a Valid US City by Location
6332020-05-15100 Biggest Soviet Cities in 1989 (with Map)
6102020-03-31Cities in the Pacific Northwest on a Map
5902020-06-03Every City in Wyoming on a Map
5832020-04-10Cities on Interstate 5 on a Map
5442020-02-28Name a Valid U.S. Metro Area
5252019-11-04Name a Valid City by Location #2
5182020-03-19Largest States by Population - Bar Chart Quiz
5132020-07-28Every City in Arizona on a Map
5062019-12-02Every City in Washington on a Map
5032020-07-21Every City in Alaska on a Map
4982019-11-04Name a Valid European City by Location
4952020-05-10Köppen Climate Zones - Click Map Quiz
4942020-03-30All 1M+ Cities in Africa on a Map
4912020-03-04Biggest Cities in Canada on a Map
4722020-01-04Five Largest Cities in Random US States
4612020-06-27Every City in New Mexico on a Map
4512020-04-30Southern Africa Map Quiz
4512020-09-22Random Geographic Groups of Three
4412020-09-11Biggest U.S. Cities within 50 Kilometers on a Map
3882020-05-09Biggest Cities in Random Regions
3552020-06-153 Biggest U.S. Cities by Letter on a Map
3492020-01-26First Letter of the Alphabet
3472020-04-21Category Elimination - Physical Geography
3412020-02-203rd Largest US Cities by Decade
3382021-01-16Largest Cities in the Baltic States on a Map
3172020-05-11Cities that Beat Tokyo
3172020-08-30All 50k U.S. Cities on a Map by Letter - A
3132019-03-12Most Educated Countries
3052021-01-12Which State? Multiple Choice Quiz
3032020-05-22Cities in the Portland Metro Area on a Map
2972020-03-17Largest Cities in New England on a Map
2922020-05-31100 Biggest US Cities - with Exceptions
2902020-04-1910 Biggest Cities in 6 Metro Areas on a Map
2822017-11-14European Imperialism Quiz
2782020-03-20Biggest Cities in Greenland on a Map
2752020-05-21Municipalities of Estonia on a Map
2642020-05-22Biggest Cities in Central Asia on a Map
2592019-07-17Cities in the Dallas Metro Area on a Map
2442020-03-15Countries Containing Z
2402020-02-17Largest American Cities by Letter
2372019-08-12Revised US States on a Map
2262020-09-24Countries Inside Other Countries
2262020-09-06Random U.S. Cities on a Map - Extreme
2262020-01-29Cities in the Seattle Metro Area on a Map
2212020-08-30All 50k U.S. Cities on a Map by Letter - B
2202020-08-30All 50k U.S. Cities on a Map by Letter - C
2172020-04-10Largest Indian Ocean Cities on a Map
2142020-01-1445 European Countries, 45 Landmarks
2092020-08-30All 50k U.S. Cities on a Map by Letter - D
2052020-09-28Random U.S. Metro Areas on a Map
2042020-07-27Every City in Montana on a Map
2042019-05-10Largest Countries in the World Throughout History
1992020-01-26Cities in the Chicago Metro Area on a Map
1972020-07-27Locations of Members of the JetPunk Discord on a Map
1962020-04-20Biggest Cities in North Africa on a Map
1922020-03-19Largest Countries in the World - Bar Chart Quiz
1892020-05-0350 Biggest Cities in Nigeria on a Map
1802020-05-01Black Sea Cities on a Map
1762020-09-02All 50k U.S. Cities on a Map by Letter - E
1742021-01-12World Capitals Tile Select Quiz
1702021-03-02Largest Coastal Cities in the United States
1702020-04-19Countries of Lesotho on a Map
1632020-05-09Colorado Cities Map Quiz
1582020-03-22Biggest Cities in Siberia on a Map
1572021-04-12Closest States in the 2020 Presidential Election
1552020-09-23Biggest Cities in Sub-Saharan Africa on a Map
1552020-11-14All 50k U.S. Cities on a Map by Letter - F
1552020-01-29Second Letter of the Alphabet
1542020-05-12European Skylines on a Map
1532019-07-23Country Capitals Multiple Choice
1512020-04-27All U.S. Border Cities on a Map
1482020-06-08Biggest U.S. Cities in Random Circles
1472020-03-31Largest Cities in Colorado on a Map
1452020-10-13Random World Cities on a Map A-Z
1412020-11-2050 Biggest Cities in Order on a Map
1342020-03-19Biggest Cities in the Koreas on a Map
1332019-05-13Deadliest Wars in History
1292020-03-26Biggest Cities on the Horn of Africa on a Map
1282020-11-15U.S. Skylines by Silhouette
1272021-03-02Largest Inland Cities in the United States
1272020-04-01Cities West of the Andes on a Map
1242021-04-12Most Republican States in the 2020 Presidential Election
1232019-04-20Biggest US States Throughout History
1192021-04-12Most Democratic States in the 2020 Presidential Election
1192020-05-1050 Biggest Cities in South Africa on a Map
1192020-11-14States that Flipped in the 2020 Presidential Election
1182020-07-27Most Mentioned Members of the JetPunk Discord
1152020-05-18Name the Worst Quiz Site
1142020-10-07Name Any California City A-Z
1132020-05-12Asian Skylines on a Map
1122020-06-08Every City in Yukon Territory on a Map
1112020-04-17Google's Most Important Cities on a Map
1112019-10-15US States with the Highest Internet Usage
1102020-05-24Name a Valid U.S. Suburb
1092020-06-27Biggest Cities in Colorado by Decade on a Map
1092018-06-24Mountains by Picture
1052021-02-05Every City in Idaho on a Map
1042020-11-20Largest U.S. Cities in Order on a Map - Extreme
1042020-08-30Core Based Statistical Areas of the Western U.S. on a Map
1022021-02-1240 American Cities that Everyone Should Know
1012020-04-01Biggest Cities in Mauriccotanialicarawique on a Map
1012019-10-15US States with the Lowest Internet Usage
962020-12-07Biggest Republican Metro Areas
962020-11-20Largest U.S. Cities in Order on a Map
962021-01-02Name a Valid Song by Artist - Rock
942020-12-01Every City in Alabama on a Map
922020-05-15U.S. States in 1850 on a Map
922020-11-14States that Swung the Most in the 2020 Presidential Election
922020-01-03Powerful Countries Bordering Weak Countries
902021-04-11Every City in Michigan on a Map
862020-04-05Cities Close to Denver on a Map
862019-01-13Countries with the Highest Elevation Difference
852020-10-17Largest U.S. Cities by Area on a Map
832020-08-16Biggest Cities on Java on a Map
792020-05-2810 Biggest Cities in Guatemala on a Map
782020-05-23Arizona Cities Map Quiz
762020-01-11Countries Led by a Woman
742020-10-25Cities in the Northern Front Range on a Map
732020-03-16Colorado... or Wyoming?
712020-03-29Cities in Tibet on a Map
692018-04-02Largest City to Country #4
692018-04-01Largest City to Country #1
672021-01-22City Skylines Multiple Choice
662021-01-12Which State? Multiple Choice Quiz #2
662020-04-18International Cities
662020-05-18People in Monowi
652019-10-05Largest European and American Cities
632020-06-08Countries that were Part of the United States
602020-09-05Biggest U.S. Cities without Walmart
592020-07-27JetPunk Discord Members with the Most Takes
562019-03-18Random Asian City to Country
552018-04-02Largest City to Country #3
552019-06-14Metro Lines by Map
542018-08-30Mountains by Picture #2
542020-05-18All Colorado 14ers on a Map
532018-04-01Largest City to Country #2
522020-10-21Cities in the Colorado River Basin on a Map
512018-11-14US States with the Highest Lowest Point
512019-06-11Countries by Leaders
482019-01-19Countries with the Lowest Elevation Difference
472020-06-08Most Populous Country by River
472020-05-2910 Biggest Cities in Nicaragua on a Map
462020-07-27Most Mentioned American Cities on the JetPunk Discord
452020-05-18Which City in Colorado?
442020-03-25Horn of Africa Countries on a Map
442020-02-26Name Any Colorado City A-Z
432020-04-06How Many Quizmakers Can You Name?
292020-07-27Discord Analogies
282020-04-18Locations of Quizmakers Map Quiz
262018-11-13Highest Mountains in the United States
252020-05-3110 Biggest Cities in Panama on a Map
242020-09-25Cities I've Visited this Decade on a Map
232020-11-19Most Common Answers in Country Quizzes
222018-11-14Tallest Mountains in the United States - With Exceptions
212020-05-05SHANET National Anthem Quiz
202020-07-29Geography of Colorado Quiz
192020-09-28Municipalities of Bolivia on a Map
182020-10-05Colorado Rivers Map Quiz
182020-01-12Canadian Shield States and Provinces
182020-10-09Districts of Paraguay on a Map
172019-03-22Mountain Ranges of Colorado
122019-05-14Random City to County