Eastern Africa Map Quiz

Fill in the map of East Africa by clicking each highlighted country.
Definition based on U.N. African Subregions
Also try Western Africa!
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Quiz by Stewart
Last updated: April 24, 2020
First submittedJanuary 7, 2020
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Mayotte (France)
Réunion (France)
South Sudan
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Level 79
Apr 24, 2020
Confidently starting this quiz only to be confronted with Reunion & Mayotte made me feel like Brave Sir Robin as he confidently stepped up to answer the "Questions Three" at the Bridge of Death over the Gorge of Eternal Peril.

"Wait, I don't kno...aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!"

Level 68
Apr 25, 2020
Same here. And of course I got it wrong!
Level 28
Jul 3, 2020
Me too. But i got them right!!!!!
Level 59
Jul 7, 2020
I happened to know Reunion was east of Madagascar, so I got it all correct!
Level 71
Jul 3, 2020
So did I, but it came down to two 50:50 chances and I got lucky
Level 47
Jul 3, 2020
Level 67
Apr 25, 2020
yea thought this would be a breeze (west africa would'nt be) but then, new stuff! now which is which haha. Good to learn where these places are, I had heard of them, but wasn't even aware they were around africa.
Level 68
Apr 25, 2020
Yep, purposely added in Mayotte and Réunion since they're overseas departments of France and often count in quizzes like "Countries closest to" and so on, so thought it might be good to encourage people to learn where they are :)
Level 70
Jul 3, 2020
Good idea. In the Indian Ocean Island Games last year, both Reunion and Mayotte had their own teams. They are, for most practical purposes, distinct from France. Reunion is completely distinct from Mauritius, and Mayotte is becoming more distinct from Comoros all the time. Given that you did this, I wonder if it's time to separate Somaliland from Somalia as well, given that Mogadishu has had nothing to do with it for twenty-nine years now.
Level 65
Apr 25, 2020
Pretty straightforward this one, was aware of location of Mayotte and Reunion because I have been doing the French language quizzes, so had looked into the matter. Three minutes is a lot of time, I needed 0:39 secs
Level 57
Apr 27, 2020
I remember that flight between Paris and reunion is the longest domestic flight. So,I thought that reunion must be father than France and got It right.

Thanks Stewart, it provided me SVG for my this quiz

Level 51
May 4, 2020
Great quiz! I love how you included the overseas territories.
Level 55
Jul 3, 2020
I don't know if you're trying something new with the layout, but I think I prefer being able to see all the countries rather than a scrollable list, which is only just big enough not to fit on one column without scrolling anyway. Just a suggestion
Level 60
Jul 3, 2020
Level 81
Jul 3, 2020
I appreciate that this is based on UN designations, but it's weird that they would put South Sudan in East Africa and not Sudan.
Level 28
Jul 3, 2020
South Sudan want to be a part of the East African Federation
Level 73
Jul 3, 2020
Loved the quiz! Small detail, though: when I clicked on the map to switch countries (bypassing those I wasn't sure of), it zoomed in at the same time. I don't remember this being the case on other map quizzes. And having to unzoom everytime to continue can be a bit annoying. Am I the only one having this problem?
Level 68
Jul 3, 2020
This has been fixed, thanks!
Level 35
Jul 3, 2020
Well, the only quiz where I am glad being French
Level 56
Jul 6, 2020
Can we stick to countries only please, just like every other quiz of this type? Get the bloody overseas territories off of this!