U.K. General Knowledge Multiple Choice #3

Can you answer these multiple choice questions with a British focus?
Adapted by the Quizmaster from this unabridged series
Quiz by toowise
Last updated: January 16, 2021
First submittedJanuary 16, 2021
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1. What did Harland and Wolff build?
The Cape to Cairo Road
The RMS Titanic
The Tower Bridge
2. What is the collective name of the rivalry between Glasgow's two main football clubs (Celtic and Rangers)?
The Clyde Challenge
The Mighty Battle
The Old Firm
The Twin Armies
3. What is the the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team better known as?
The Red Arrows
The Red Barons
The Red Flashes
The Red Jets
4. What is the term for the comprehensive understanding of local geography that London cabbies are required to have?
The Cabbie's Code
The Knowledge
Street wisdom
5. What does the 00 in James Bond's 007 code name mean?
Diplomatic immunity
He doesn't officially exist
Licence to kill
Nothing in particular
6. Which river flows through Stoke, Nottingham, and Newark?
7. What sport is played at the Oval?
8. What item of clothing is Mary Quant credited with inventing?
Strapless Bra
Tank Top
9. What did Queen Elizabeth II train to do during the Second World War?
Driver and mechanic
Postal sorter
10. What drink advertises itself as "Made in Scotland from Girders"?
Bells Whisky
Buckfast Wine
11. Where are the Crown Jewels kept?
British Museum
Buckingham Palace
Tower of London
Windsor Castle
12. What is the easternmost county in the U.K?
13. About what percentage of people in the U.K. live in England?
14. Who was Robert Baden-Powell?
Anti-slavery campaigner
Antarctic explorer
Bassist for The Who
Founder of the Scout Movement
15. Who among these people was never mayor of London?
Boris Johnson
Gordon Brown
Sadiq Khan
Ken Livingstone
Level 71
Jan 17, 2021
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Thank you for taking any of my quizzes !

Level 71
Jan 16, 2021
These are great quizzes! I didn't do well on them but I learned a lot.
Level 71
Jan 17, 2021
Thank you, my aim is to inform and entertain, pehaps you'll do better next time.
Level 80
Jan 17, 2021
It is quite difficult indeed
Level 71
Jan 17, 2021
Sorry about that , but maybe you learnt something, thanks for taking one of my quizzes
Level 44
Jan 17, 2021
I don't know much about the U.K., but it's always fun to learn! Great Quiz! The only ones I was absolutely sure about was Q.7, Q.3, and Q.13
Level 71
Jan 17, 2021
Thanks for the comments, sorry you didn't do well, but if you learnt something that's great !
Level 83
Jan 18, 2021
I only really knew 4, and got 5 more on educated/lucky guesses.

Tough quiz for us Yanks.

Level 71
Jan 18, 2021
That's not too bad, at least you learnt something , thanks for taking my quiz
Level 80
Jan 18, 2021
Only got 7 - but not too disappointed, being a Yank. I have to wonder, how easy or difficult is it for Brits?
Level 71
Jan 18, 2021
You either know an answer or don't , maybe slightly easier for us Brits , but not excessively so. Thanks for taking my quiz
Level 35
Jan 20, 2021
Wow! Three featured quizzes at the same time! Congratulations! But you derserved it, with all the efforts you make creating quizzes.
Level 71
Jan 20, 2021
Thank you, i was shocked myself.