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35,3752019-07-25 Most Guessed African Countries on JetPunk
29,3402019-07-30 Most Guessed Asian Countries on JetPunk
18,7392017-08-18 Countries that Visit India the Most
15,7512019-12-15 Countries that Visit France the Most
9022017-05-11Countries that Visit Israel the Most
8962017-07-16Lyrics to Katy Perry's "Roar"
8952019-11-22Easiest Quiz Ever
4892017-06-02Lyrics to Katy Perry's "Firework"
3412017-06-05Lyrics to Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night"
3342018-01-24Lyrics to Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain"
3222017-04-09Countries that Visit Hungary the Most
3222017-05-11Countries that Visit Lebanon the Most
3122017-06-04Baby Girl Names that Have Gone Out of Style
3022017-03-31Countries that Visit Slovakia the Most
2752017-03-17Countries that Visit Czech Republic the Most
2722017-03-21Least Guessed European Countries on JetPunk
2592017-03-30Countries that Visit Turkey the Most
2432017-03-31Countries that Visit Malaysia the Most
2392019-12-01The Impossible Quiz #3
2092017-03-11Countries that Visit Italy the Most
2062017-04-16Countries that Visit Lithuania the Most
2042020-03-29Donald Trump Quiz
2022017-03-13Countries that Visit Poland the Most
1852017-03-11Countries that Visit Spain the Most
1832017-04-14Most Guessed European Countries on JetPunk
1762018-07-04Words that Rhyme with "Cat"
1702017-03-29Countries that Visit Peru the Most
1662017-03-31Countries that Visit Iceland the Most
1612017-03-04Lyrics to Adele's "Skyfall"
1582017-03-13Countries that Visit Canada the Most
1562017-03-13Countries that Visit Greece the Most
1452017-03-05Lyrics to "Can't Stop the Feeling"
1422017-03-10Countries that Visit Mexico the Most
1402018-07-04USA States Bordering Nebraska
1392017-05-01The Impossible Quiz
1392017-03-13Countries that Visit Germany the Most
1302017-04-09Top 10 Richest Countries in Oceania
1282019-11-28Top 10 Hottest European Cities
1262017-03-10Countries that Visit China the Most
1252017-05-31Fill in the Blanks of Movie Titles
1222017-04-11Top 10 Most Vegetarian Countries
1212017-03-31Countries that Visit Slovenia the Most
1192017-03-20Most Guessed North American Countries on JetPunk
1162017-03-04Lyrics to Party in the USA
1142017-02-08Top 10 Richest Cities in China
1132017-04-11Maiden Names of all First Ladies Quiz
1132017-03-30Countries Containing the Letter "Y"
1122017-08-13Countries that Visit Vietnam the Most
1092017-03-20Most Guessed South American Countries on JetPunk
1082018-07-04Most Guessed Countries that start with C on JetPunk
1062019-11-22Lyrics to "Make You Feel My Love"
1052017-05-28Countries that Visit Oman the Most
1042017-02-08Fast Spelling - US States
1042017-04-03Top 10 Countries that Produce the Most Wine
1032017-06-07Lyrics to Katy Perry's "Rise"
1022017-05-01The Impossible Quiz #2
982017-04-09Top 10 Best Countries for a Child to Live in
962017-04-28Order of Karate Belts
932019-11-24Fast Spelling - Random Words
932017-03-04Second Ladies Quiz
912017-04-09Top 10 Countries Where Cyber Attacks Originate
902018-11-06Largest Hotel Chains in the World
892017-02-25Lyrics to Ellie Goulding's "Lights"
892017-05-31Roman Numeral Decoding Quiz #2
862017-03-20Most Guessed Oceanian Countries on JetPunk
812017-04-09Top 10 World Capitals Closest to Rome
762017-06-15Melania Trump Quiz
742017-03-21Least Guessed African Countries on JetPunk
732018-08-30All Lyrics to Gilligan's Island
732017-03-21Least Guessed Asian Countries on JetPunk
682017-02-14Countries Bordering Slovenia
662017-02-14Countries Bordering Mauritania
652017-03-13Top 10 Richest Countries in North America
642019-11-23Countries Containing the Letter "Y" - One Minute Sprint
642017-06-15US States with the Least Cows
572017-02-26First Ladies by State Quiz
552017-04-17Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds
532019-11-22Fast Spelling - Countries
522017-03-22Least Guessed South American Countries on JetPunk
522017-06-106 Letter Cities A-Z
502019-11-22Largest Districts in Nauru by Population
482017-02-17Set Fire to the Rain Missing Lyrics Quiz
472017-02-03Countries Containing the Letter "W" - One Minute Sprint
462019-12-01Least Guessed Oceanian Countries on JetPunk
462017-10-21Fallen Heroes of the Alamo
432017-07-06One-Syllable Human Body Parts - One Minute Sprint
412018-06-28Youngest Child of Each President
402019-11-28Harry Potter - Last Words Quiz
392017-06-04Doris Day Quiz
372018-07-04Fast Subtraction Quiz
362017-06-04Miss America Titleholders Quiz
362017-03-18Canada Provinces and Territories in Alphabetical Order
342017-04-09Top 10 Best Countries for Mothers
332017-06-04Lyrics to "Stay the Night"
322019-11-22Characters From the Book "Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library"
322017-03-04Countries Containing the Letter "W"
322017-03-23Least Guessed North American Countries on JetPunk
312019-11-24Top 30 Jetpunk Users
312017-03-13Mike Pence Quiz
302017-06-12Six Flags Great Adventure Thrill Rides
292017-02-16Montana Trivia
292017-05-17Famous Brazilians Quiz
282017-06-04Lyrics to "Clarity"
262017-06-04Lucille Ball Quiz
252018-07-04Most Guessed States on the Fifty States in 1 Minute Quiz on JetPunk
242017-06-07Lyrics to "You Raise Me Up"
232017-03-07Top 10 Largest Cities in Namibia
212017-03-06Top 10 Largest Cities in Malawi
202017-03-11Ivanka Trump Quiz
202017-03-07Top 10 Largest Cities in South Korea
202017-03-07Top 10 Largest Cities in Barbados
202017-03-06Top 10 Largest Cities in Rwanda
162017-05-28Thomas Edison Trivia Quiz
162017-04-09Presidential Birthdays Quiz
152017-03-07Top 10 Largest Cities in Mauritania
132017-04-09Top 10 Largest Deserts in Africa
122017-03-07Top 10 Largest Cities in North Korea
122017-03-11Donald Trump Jr. Quiz
112017-04-09Ivana Trump Quiz
92017-04-09Months of the Year in Portuguese
82017-04-09Marla Maples Quiz
82019-11-23Top Jetpunk Users - 30 to 60
82017-03-11Eric Trump Quiz
62018-06-28Top Jetpunk Users - 150 to 180
62019-11-24Top Jetpunk Users - 60 to 90
62017-07-06One-Syllable Human Body Parts - Two Minute Sprint
52017-04-07Top Jetpunk Users - 180 to 200
52019-11-24Top Jetpunk Users - 90 to 120
52017-04-09Tiffany Trump Quiz
32017-04-09Top Jetpunk Users - 120 to 150