The Dictator Files: Ruhollah Khomeini

Can you answer these questions about the Iranian Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini?
Quiz by JWatson24
Last updated: December 19, 2020
First submittedDecember 19, 2020
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Who was the monarch who preceded Khomeini as Iran's head of state before being overthrown in the 1978 Revolution?
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
What was the title of that monarch, the word for "king" in Persian?
What title, used to refer to high-ranking Shia clergy members, is Khomeini commonly known by?
In which city did Khomeini teach at an Islamic university and initiate his political career?
In which country did Khomeini live in exile for over a decade?
Who became the dictator of that country and later went to war with Iran shortly after Khomeini rose to power?
Saddam Hussein
In which European country did Khomeini live for a short time before returning to Iran?
What is the Arabic term for Islamic law, which was incorporated into Iran's legal system under Khomeini?
What building in Tehran was attacked by students with Khomeini's approval, resulting in a prolonged hostage crisis?
American Embassy
Which US President authorized an unsuccessful military operation to rescue those hostages?
Jimmy Carter
What distinction did Khomeini receive from Time Magazine in 1979?
Person of the Year
What term was used by Khomeini to describe the United States?
Great Satan
What country did Khomeini refer to as a "lesser" version of the that term, due to its atheistic ideology?
Soviet Union
What country did Khomeini consider illegitimate, despite recognition of it by the previous Iranian government?
Which US President's administration was accused of selling weapons to Iran despite an arms embargo against them?
Ronald Reagan
To which Nicaraguan rebel group were the funds from those arms deals given?
In which country did a terrorist attack occur in 1983 against US troops, for which Iran has been blamed?
What garment was deemed mandatory for all Iranian women to wear in 1983?
What group of people did Khomeini execute en masse in 1988?
Political Prisoners
What author faced death threats after being the target of a fatwa by Khomeini?
Salman Rushdie
Who is Khomeini's successor and Iran's current Supreme Leader?
Ali Khamenei
Level 51
Dec 19, 2020
Great Quiz! Few suggestions tho:

- It's Khamenei, not Khameini

- Maybe add the Prime Minister, Mohammad Bakhtiar, with who Khomeini was in a power struggle 1980-81

- Ask to name the name of the scandal with Nicaragua

Great quiz though! Nominated! Hope it gets featured.

Level 66
Dec 19, 2020
Thanks for the suggestions! I always for some reason think that Khamenei's name is the exact same as his predecessor but with an "a" instead of an "o" :P

As for the Prime Minister, are you thinking of Shapour Bakhtiar? While he seems like an important figure in the Revolution, he doesn't seem to have very much name-recognition, so I've decided to keep him off the quiz.

I did take your advice on adding a Contras question (as well as a question about the Lebanon bombings) though, so thanks for that!

Level 51
Dec 19, 2020
Yes, my bad on Bakhtiar. Mixed him up with Mosaddegh lol
Level 51
Dec 19, 2020
You get #4 from the description.
Level 66
Dec 19, 2020
Fixed that! I just decided to take that question off and replace it with some others.
Level ∞
Dec 19, 2020
Nice quiz.
Level 66
Dec 19, 2020
Thanks! :)
Level 50
Dec 19, 2020
Another feature :(