Harry Potter characters by death #2

Can you name the following characters by how they died (with reference to the books?)
Quiz by LegendBlackKyurem
Last updated: April 23, 2013
First submittedMay 18, 2012
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Killing curse, then transfigured into a bone
Barty Crouch Sr
Peter Pettigrew with Voldemort's wand
Cedric Diggory
Hogwarts battlement with Tonks
Remus Lupin
Voldemort, for leaving his mother
Tom Riddle Sr
Died to protect his wife and son
James Potter
Tried to touch Harry with Voldermort stuck to his head
Quirinus Quirrel
Stabbed in the mouth by Gryffindor's sword
The Basilisk
Attacked by a fox
Head torn off by giants
Death Eaters, after fleeing the country for a year
Igor Karkaroff
Tried to stop a duel between Albus, Aberforth and Grindelwald
Ariana Dumbledore
Voldermort, so Nagini could use her body
Bathilda Bagshot
Voldermort, so Thicknesse could take his place
Rufus Scrimgeour
Head cut off by Neville
Voldermort in Albania
Bertha Jorkins
Level 32
May 30, 2012
Excellent question for cracks... binky... just a bunny.
Level 26
May 9, 2015
i'm pretty sure that its rumfus scrimgeour not rufus scrimgeour.
Level 71
May 23, 2015
Rumfus? No it has to be Rufus check the book (book 6).
Level 71
May 23, 2015
Can someone remind who Karkus was? Don't even remember ever hearing the name =P
Level 15
Oct 5, 2015
King of the giants. Mentioned in Order of the Phoenix
Level 25
Jul 29, 2015
Could accept bartemius instead of just barty
Level 15
Oct 5, 2015
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Level 61
Feb 6, 2016
Why doesn't just plain Quirrell work? I tried all sorts of spellings. Also I'm sure I tried Barty Crouch Sr., I think you should accept just Crouch. And I'm not sure where it says Karkus was killed by giants.
Level 61
Feb 6, 2016
Sorry, I thought Karkus was a Thestral, wasn't he?
Level 36
May 24, 2016
Only missed Karkaroff
Level 29
Nov 26, 2016
Sorry, this is annoying me a bit, but in a couple of the questions you spelled Voldemort as 'Voldermort'. Could you please fix that for me?
Level 44
Apr 25, 2021
I feel like Tom Riddle should count too and I personally understood the battle with tonks thing wrong and thought the answer would be a deatheater