Vocabulary Words Ending in Silent T

Guess these English words (most of which are also French words) which end in a silent "t".
Quiz by ThirdParty
Last updated: May 23, 2013
First submittedMay 14, 2013
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Snail meat
A stereotypically French hat
A method of fabric-making,
similar to knitting, using a hook
A type of Swiss mountain cottage
A person employed to park cars
A type of choreographed dancing,
supposed to be very graceful
A fleshy, boneless cut of meat
from an animal's loins or ribs
A person who appreciates fine food
Having the respect of others
(e.g. a valued brand name)
A relationship involving
mutual understanding
A nickname
An arranged bunch of flowers
A lawn game where balls are struck
with mallets and driven through wickets
A type of playing card used for fortune-telling
The reestablishment of good relations
(e.g. between two countries)
The final part of a play,
in which the plotlines are resolved
A dark blue wine grape used in Bordeaux
A method of serving meals where
diners get up and serve themselves
The first public appearance of a person or show
A place for storing large amounts of equipment
A type of entertainment where
the audience sit at tables and eat
Level 71
May 14, 2013
And perhaps entrepôt would also be acceptable for a place for warehousing goods.
Level 49
May 14, 2013
Okay, I've added that as an alternate answer for "depot".
Level 80
Jun 18, 2013
couldn't spell denouement. But I learned that word watching The Tick.
Level 81
Jun 21, 2013
I always pronounce the final t of fillet - have I been wrong all these years?
Level 49
Jun 23, 2013
Well, obviously every word on the list was pronounced with a /t/ at some point in its history, or it wouldn't be spelled with one; so pronouncing the "t" is more archaic than wrong. That's especially true of older words like "valet" and "fillet", which were borrowed from French before French acquired its modern pronunciation. (Also, many of these are regional. In England, with its long history of warfare with France, it's much more common to pronounce the "t"s in French loanwords than it is in America.)
Level 80
Oct 18, 2014
Well, every word in the list comes from French, it was rather funny ^^. We do not pronounce those "t"s in modern french, indeed.
Level 74
Jun 24, 2014
The silent-t version is "filet", as in Filet Mignon. In "fillet" you pronounce the T.
Level 49
Jun 24, 2014
The quiz accepts both spellings. (As for "fillet", if you pronounce the "t" in America then people will think you're ignorant, whereas if you fail to pronounce it in England then people will think you're putting on airs. The "r" in "foyer" works the same way, except in reverse. Isn't it lovely to be separated by a common tongue?)
Level 63
May 29, 2015
I'm like you, Jerry, if I read "fillet" I will pronounce the t at the end, if it's "filet" I do not. I'm not sure I've come across the word fillet in the US (north east if that makes a difference?) but it was not uncommon to hear it in the UK, particularly in relation to fish. I'm English, albeit a filthy commoner, from a city whose people are nationally accepted as sounding thick as two short planks, so it could just be the uncultured fools that make up my home city are a special level of, well special, pronouncing the t in fillet :D
Level 79
Jun 29, 2015
In mechanics, the term "fillets and rounds" is common. It refers to rounded inside and outside corners/edges. In this usage, the "t" is always pronounced, in the US at least. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fillet_%28mechanics%29
Level 81
Nov 28, 2018
FilleTs is the way it was always pronounced in America until the popularity of Filet O' Fish from MacDonald's, which should more accurately be described as a filleT of fish with that Irish 'O going on.
Hard to believe the hypercorrection snobbery about food arose from a saturated cut of trash fish from Mickey D's.
Level 55
Apr 21, 2014
I got rapprochement! :D
Level 45
May 9, 2014
Me too :)
Level 82
Nov 14, 2019
Thanks to this quiz I realized I've been pronouncing that word wrong for my entire life. Luckily I haven't had much reason to use it.
Level 77
Jun 29, 2018
I somehow knew denouement, but there was no chance I was going to spell it correctly.
Level 81
Jul 31, 2019
Well that wraps up the comment section.
Level 62
Mar 3, 2020
Never knew that the t at the end of Tarot was silent
Level 67
Apr 30, 2020
Somehow I thought I needed to think about a swiss cottage cheese... the only word that kept coming up was hüttenkäse