Breaking Bad Trivia

Answer these questions about one of the best television shows ever made.
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Last updated: October 26, 2019
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In addition to the high school, at what type of business does Walt work when the series begins?
Car Wash
What is Marie's trademark color?
What does the wallpaper in Saul's law office depict?
United States Constitution
What is the name of Hank's partner at the DEA?
Steve Gomez
Who are Jesse's two best friends and sometimes accomplices?
Skinny Pete
An entire episode of Season Three is devoted to Walt and Jesse's attempt to locate something they believe is in the meth super lab. What are they trying to find?
A fly
When Skyler tells Walt she is afraid that drug dealers will someday come to harm the family, Walt reassures her by telling her "I am the one who ____."
Mike Ehrmantraut makes his first appearance in response to which character's death?
What kind of "state" does Walt claim he was in when he stripped down to his underwear to provide an alibi for a meth cook?
What object falls from the sky into the Whites' pool in Season 2?
Teddy Bear
What is the name of the superhero in the drawing that Jane gives to Jesse as an expression of remorse?
Apology Girl
After he loses his speech, what object does Hector ("Tio") Salamanca use to communicate?
On what street do the Whites live for most of the series? (Hint: it's three words.)
Negra Arroyo Lane
What name does Walter Jr. go by for a period when he grows apart from his father?
Who finally gets killed with the ricin?
And what did that character think he or she was ingesting when taking the ricin?
While in Narcotics Anonymous, Jesse tells the story of his efforts to create something of which he was immensely proud in shop class, and then trading that object for drugs. What did Jesse make?
Wooden Box
Where is Hank when he first realizes that Walt is Heisenberg, the meth dealer he has been hunting for a year?
Walt's bathroom
Hank has a panic attack after seeing Tortuga's severed head on an animal in the desert. What is the animal?
By what two-word name is Walter and Jesse's trademark meth known in the street? (Hint: it's based on its color.)
Blue Sky
When thanking customers for patronizing the car wash, Skyler always encourages them to have what kind of day?
Walt's assistant Gale gives Walt a book of poetry as a sign of appreciation for their burgeoning relationship. What poet is the author of that book?
Walt Whitman
The boy that Todd kills during the train robbery had put something into a glass jar before he was murdered. What did he put in the jar?
In what household appliance does Jesse find the cigarette that he wrongly believes holds the ricin?
When Jesse is held captive by two meth addicts in their home, the female addict kills the male addict by dropping what on his head?
What is the name of Mexican drug lord that Gustavo Fring poisoned in revenge for the murder of Gustavo's partner, and for whom Hector Salamanca once worked?
Don Eladio
What is the name of Saul's enormous bodyguard?
The titles of Episodes 1, 4, 10, and 13 of the second season form a four-word phrase relating to an important subplot of the second season. What is the phrase? (Or alternatively, what are the titles of those four episodes, in order?)
737 Down Over ABQ
Hank has a special fondness for what female pop star?
Shania Twain
Jesse calls Todd a(n) ____ ___-____ p.o.s.
Opie dead-eyed
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