Lakes - Multiple Choice

Can you answer these multiple choice questions about world lakes?
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: December 28, 2019
First submittedMarch 22, 2019
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1. What is the small lake found in the middle of desert called?
2. What country shares the longest border with Caspian Sea?
Kazakhstan has 1,892 km of coastline and Turkmenistan in the 2nd place with 1,767 km
3. How many Great Lakes are there?
Michigan, Huron, Erie, Ontario and Superior are the ones
4. Which one of these used to be world's 4th largest lake?
Sarygamysh Lake
Aral Sea
Qinghai Lake
Lake Turkana
Since 1960s the Soviets used it for irrigation projects and caused its shrink
5. What is the oldest and deepest lake in the world?
Lake Baikal
Great Slave Lake
Lake Chad
Lake Titicaca
It is also the largest freshwater lake in terms of volume
6. In which country would you find Lake Van?
It is Middle East's largest lake
7. What is the largest lake in Antarctica?
Lake Ellsworth
Lake Albert
Lake Taymyr
Lake Vostok
It's almost the same size (surface area) as East Timor with 12,500 square km
8. What type of lake is a pond?
A shallow lake (not that deep)
Lake that is connected to another lake by a river
A small lake
Salt lake
9. South America's largest lake (area), Lake Titicaca, is located between which countries?
Bolivia and Peru
Argentina and Paraguay
Bolivia and Chile
Argentina and Chile
10. What is the maximum depth of Lake Tanganyika?
1,020 m (3,340 ft)
1,470 m (4,820 ft)
970 m (3,180 ft)
910 m (2,980 ft)
It is world's second deepest lake after Russia's Lake Baikal
11. Which lake has the most species of fish than any other lakes?
Lake Urmia
Great Bear Lake
Lake Malawi
Africa's 3rd largest lake, around 800 fish species are estimated to be found in it
12. In which one of these lakes does freshwater sharks live?
Crater Lake, United States
Lake Taupo, New Zealand
Lake Nicaragua, Nicaragua
Lake Volta, Ghana
It is one of the few that does
13. Australia's largest lake is called Lake Eyre. In which state is it located?
South Australia
New South Wales
14. Out of top 10 world's biggest lakes by area, how many of them are surrounded by only one country?
U.S.A.'s Michigan, Russia's Baikal and Canada's Great Slave - and Bear Lakes
15. Which one is European Union's largest lake?
IJsselmeer, Netherlands
Vänern, Sweden
Saimaa, Finland
Lake Garda, Italy
In Europe (continent) it is the 4th largest after three bigger lakes in Russia
16. Which one of these statements about the Dead Sea is NOT true?
Is bordered by Israel, Jordan and Syria
Contains earth's lowest elevation on land
Is a salt lake
Jordan River is its inflow
Syria does not border Dead Sea, Palestine does
17. The largest lake on an island is Nettilling Lake. Which island is it on?
Great Britain
New Guinea
Baffin Island
Canada's largest island has it
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