Russian History Revision - 11

This is an A-Level Russian History quiz that covers Nikita Khrushchev.
Quiz by Laurence
Last updated: January 25, 2021
First submittedJanuary 25, 2021
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Who, initially appeared to be Khrushchev's biggest threat, being the Minister of Internal Affairs which included control over the whole security police apparatus?
Lavrentiy Beria
He was arrested, tried in secret and shot, along with how many of his associates?
Who was Khrushchev's other rival for power? He advocated for a greater emphasis on consumer industry whilst Khrushchev argued for his 'virgin lands' agricultural scheme.
Georgy Malenkov
When was he forced to resign as head of government, being replaced by an associate of Khrushchev, and allowing for Khrushchev to become the dominant figure in the country?
February 1955
What position did Khrushchev have which allowed him to flood the party with new members that owed their positions to him?
Party Secretary
What was the name of the speech that Khrushchev gave in 1956 which discredited Stalin as a villain who had failed to make the USSR ready for German attack in 1941 and had committed a long list of crimes against the party?
The Secret Speech
What is the term given to the change away from practices and attitudes that were present under Stalin's rule?
In what year was a new official history of the party approved which criticized the excesses of the 1930s?
What were opened up in the late 1950s which saw millions of people be freed from the horrors of Stalinism?
Labour Camps
However, Khrushchev's leadership did not see an easing of pressure on religious groups. How many Orthodox churches remained by the end of Khrushchev's rule, after continued efforts to demolish them in great numbers? Muslim and Jewish churches met similar treatment.
What was the term Khrushchev used to argue that conflict between the two power blocs would end poorly for both sides? He also argued that conflict between communism and capitalism was not inevitable.
Mutually Assured Destruction
In 1960, there was a reduction in the size of the USSR's standing army from 3.6 million to?
2.4 Million
However, despite the apparent easing of tension that allowed for the scale back of the Soviet military, there were still examples of tension within the Cold War. Notably, in 1961 when what was constructed?
The Berlin Wall
What was the most serious international crisis since 1945 which occurred in 1962? It saw Cuba being given Russian missiles as protection from the USA. This was then detected, instigating a US naval blockade on Cuba. After a few days of international tension, the USSR agreed to withdraw its missiles in return for a guarantee from the USA to not attack Cuba, and the removal of USA missiles from Turkey.
The Cuban Missile Crisis
What was signed in 1963 which improved relations with the West, however caused great criticism from China under Mao who denounced Khrushchev for making agreements with the 'dogs of capitalism'?
The Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
On average, how much did procurement prices rise between 1953 and 1956?
By 1956, how many extra hectares were cultivates as part of the 'virgin lands' scheme which saw increased efforts to cultivate the lands of Western Siberia and northern Kazakhstan in order to increase the agricultural production of the USSR?
35.9 million
In 1956, how much did the 'virgin lands' scheme contribute to the total grain harvest of the USSR?
However, it was a mixed success, and there were key failures, such as poor harvests in 1963 that prompted Khrushchev to suffer the humiliation of having to import grain from the West, that disgraced Khrushchev. One key failure was when how many square miles had their topsoil removed in 1960 alone as a consequence of wind erosion?
What was another of Khrushchev's agricultural plans that saw him urge farmers to grom more Maize as it has been successfully grown in Ukraine, which would provide fodder to improve the quality of Soviet livestock?
Craze for Maize
Eighty-five million acres were planted as part of this scheme but how many acres were actually harvested ripe, making the scheme a colossal waste of manpower and land?
15 Million
In what year was the government forced to raise the prices of meat and dairy products suddenly in response to shortages?
This caused protests in Novocherkassk which resulted on troops firing on rioters once again in Russian history. How many were killed?
Despite making up only 3% of the total cultivated area, what percentage of the USSR's total produce did the private plots produce?
However, despite the apparent failures, the overall agricultural produce did rise under Khrushchev, such as in Cereals (excluding Maize) which rose from the production of 82 million tons in 1952 to how many (in the 1961-64 average)?
132 Million
In what year was the new Seven Year Plan launched which had more realistic targets than the first Five Year Plans, and had a greater emphasis on consumer goods?
The statistics show that this was a great success, with coal production increasing from 391 million tons in 1955 to 578 million in 1965, and electricity production increasing from 170 billion kilowatts in 1955 to 507 billion in 1965. With regards to consumer goods, considering that the number of TV sets in the USSR was 495,000 in 1955, how much was it in 1965?
3.7 Million
How many regional economic councils were established to take place of the national ministries? In theory, this would decentralize the economy, but the Supreme Economic Council in Moscow still directed and co-ordinated the entire apparatus.
The standard of living did improve, with average household income growing by over 3% per year from 1960-65, and over 50% of households owning a television and a washing machine by 1968. Moreover, this was also seen by the introduction of a minimum wage in what year?
However, only a few households owned cars, and what low percentage owned a telephone? Despite this, there were major improvements in the quantity and quality of housing from the communal flats of Stalin's day, there were improvements in transport and major scientific breakthroughs, as well as pensions and other benefits increasing.
What was launched into orbit in 1957?
Sputnik 1
Who was successfully sent into space in April 1961, suggesting that the Space Race was being won by the USSR in Khrushchev's day?
Yuri Gagarin
When was Khrushchev forced out of power?
October 1964
Who replaced Khrushchev as the First Part Secretary and became the next leader of the USSR?
Leonid Brezhnev
Khrushchev was able to live in retirement until his death due to the absence of a sweeping purge of the past leader and his supporters. He was removed and not shot, which allowed him to record his own memoirs. This could be argued as his most significant achievement. It was also been said that he was a 'failed reformer'. In what year did Khrushchev eventually die?
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