Richest Celebrities

Name the 50 celebrities with the highest net worth according to
Quiz by kalbahamut
Last updated: May 28, 2015
First submittedDecember 1, 2014
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Net Worth
Claim to Fame
$5.1 billion
Star Wars director and merchandising mogul
George Lucas
$5 billion
Post Cereals heiress; Operation Petticoat actress
Dina Merrill
$3.5 billion
Jurassic Park director
Steven Spielberg
$2.9 billion
TV host and media mogul
Oprah Winfrey
$2 billion
Twister actress; wife of Tony Ressler
Jami Gertz
$1.2 billion
Paul McCartney
$1.2 billion
Model; Formula One trophy wife
Slavica Ecclestone
$1 billion
Harry Potter author
JK Rowling
$860 million
British sex toys tycoon
Jacqueline Gold
$850 million
"Whipped Cream and Other Delights" musician
Herb Alpert
$810 million
"Straight Outta Compton" rapper
Dr. Dre
$800 million
Garfield cartoonist
Jim Davis
$800 million
"Like a Virgin" singer and author of the book "Sex"
$800 million
Comedian and star of sitcom about nothing
Jerry Seinfeld
$800 million
Magician who romances European supermodels
David Copperfield
$700 million
Rapper who can't settle on just one silly name
P Diddy
$700 million
Avatar director
James Cameron
$650 million
Rapper with 15 platinum records; Beyonce's husband
$630 million
Canadian singer of Titanic soundtrack fame
Celine Dion
$600 million
Heiress and wife of 90210 producer Aaron
Candy Spelling
$600 million
Bollywood star of "My Name is Khan"
Shahrukh Khan
$600 million
Irish pop star and philanthropist
$550 million
Radio shock jock
Howard Stern
$550 million
Wiggles record producer; rude American Idol judge
Simon Cowell
$520 million
Diva with 5 octave vocal range
Mariah Carey
$500 million
New York socialite disfigured by plastic surgery
Jocelyn Wildenstein
$500 million
Country music singer with enormous jugs
Dolly Parton
$500 million
She married a Beatle
Yoko Ono
$500 million
Cuban singer of Miami Sound Machine
Gloria Estefan
$500 million
Simpsons creator
Matt Groening
$500 million
Brazilian author of "The Alchemist"
Paul Coelho
$450 million
Destiny's Child frontwoman
Beyonce Knowles
$450 million
"Hobbit" director
Peter Jackson
$450 million
Pop star who sometimes dresses as waterfowl
Elton John
$450 million
Intense actor who jumps on couches
Tom Cruise
$430 million
Probably the worst director since Ed Wood
Michael Bay
$425 million
Braveheart actor and director
Mel Gibson
$400 million
Comedian who loves that jiggle
Bill Cosby
$400 million
Edward Scissorhands and Capt. Jack Sparrow
Johnny Depp
$400 million
Musclebound actor with speech impediment
Sylvestor Stallone
$400 million
Producer, actor, friend of Jerry Seinfeld
Larry David
$400 million
Musician of choice for drunk college girls in the 90s
Jimmy Buffett
$400 million
Author of "Cujo" and "The Stand"
Stephen King
$400 million
Actor/director who likes to dress in drag
Tyler Perry
$400 million
"Easy Rider" and "As Good As It Gets" actor
Jack Nicholson
$400 million
Celebrity chef
Jamie Oliver
$400 million
"Misty" singer
Johnny Mathis
$400 million
"Worst Person in the World" multiple winner
Rush Limbaugh
$400 million
Talk show host succeeded by Stephen Colbert
David Letterman
$375 million
Best-selling living author of all time
Danielle Steele
Level 49
Dec 1, 2014
Jimmy Buffet being popular with drunk college girls is debatable. Drunk 50 year old women who THINK they're college girls, maybe.
Level 81
Dec 3, 2014
Haha.... well... it was definitely true when I was in college. I guess those girls are mostly in their 30s and 40s now, though. So... point taken.
Level 64
Feb 18, 2017
Exactly. I kept typing in "Dave Matthews" because that was the only obvious choice for that question, seeing as I was one of those college girls in the 90s.
Level 81
Feb 18, 2017
Haha.. that would be a good substitution. God, I hate Dave Matthews.
Level 81
Feb 18, 2017
and I added the "in the 90s" part of the comment to make it more specific, after Utahn piped in above.
Level 81
Dec 7, 2014
I'm not sure why some of these people count as "celebrities"... most notably the JC Flowers guy. If he is a celebrity then Richard Branson should be a celebrity, and he would be #2 on this list. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are pretty much celebrities, as well. They're at least much more famous and popular than Aaron Spelling's wife and the British woman who sells sex toys. And #1 on this list, yeah I guess she acted in a couple of movies, but she's not famous for it and she didn't get rich from doing it, either. Oh well. Not my list.
Level 66
Jan 19, 2015
What about Julia Louise-Dreyfus? She's a billionaire
Level 81
Jan 19, 2015
From what I could find... Julia's net worth is $200 million. Her father's is $3.4 billion. Perhaps when he dies and she gets her inheritance... ?
Level 81
May 28, 2015
Updated! Seems like CelebrityNetWorth modified the list some. They removed all of the deceased people from the list so now everyone on here is still alive. They also took off JC Flowers, which I think was a good call, but I still say that Richard Branson is a much bigger celebrity than Dina Merrill or Jacqueline Gold.
Level 43
Feb 5, 2016
Ok, Bay, it's time to give back the money. You had enough fun.
Level 81
Feb 6, 2016
I would favor public flogging, but, I could get on board with this proposal, too.