Word Puzzles - U.S. States

Solve the puzzles to guess the names of these U.S. states.
Example: Married miss + toddler cup = Missus + Sippy = Mississippi
Answer must correspond to highlight box!
Quiz by buck1017
Last updated: April 22, 2016
First submittedNovember 21, 2013
Times taken35,101
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Word Puzzle
Sick + Irritate
Argo Actor Alan + Woodcutter's Tool
Japanese Greeting
Mrs. Tarbell + Garden Tool
Ruler of a Caliphate + Trumpet +
German 'Yes'
Cleaning + 2000 lb
Zeus's Wife + Sector + A
Join Together + A + Director's Stop
Wire Mixer + Criminal + Biblical No-No
Soda Containers + Donkey
Word Puzzle
Sandwich Shop + To Don Apparel
Chaste One + German 'Yes'
Mickey's Counterpart + Soft Drink
Red/Green/Purple etc. + A + Female Deer
Musician Without a Label + "Frozen" Princess
Federer's Game + Large Body of Water
Church Service + Sneeze Sound +
Rests in a Chair
Unwed Missus + Run Hastily
Trumpeter Armstrong + Z + Miss. Karenina
Boat Paddle + A + Firearm
Level 82
Nov 22, 2013
It's "Delaware".
Level 75
Nov 22, 2013
Level 83
Jan 26, 2014
I think the biggest stretch here was Zeus' wife. You pronounce Hera as "Ari?" or something even close? You could say "air", or "arid" without the "d" which is what the name actually comes from. Anyway, good quiz.
Level 75
Jan 27, 2014
Not all sounds are exact. I got the quiz idea from a game called Mad Gabs (Not to be confused with Mad Libs). Some of these, as in the game, are stretches; however, I pronounce Arizona as air-a-zone-a. I believe that Hera and air-a are similar in sound enough to be used.
Level 43
Jan 1, 2015
You could substitute "Era" (like the time period) for "Hera" and that could maybe make it easier.
Level 54
Jul 10, 2017
I thought it was pretty clever. Sounds like Herazona. Worked for me. I think it would have been a lot harder if we were supposed to guess Aridzona.
Level 48
Apr 3, 2014
Actually the "arid zone" theory for Arizona's name is just the most popularly retold one, but honestly one of the least likely. I prefer the theory that it comes from a local O'odham place-name "ali sonak", and most serious etymologies favor that one. But I agree, turning "Hera" into "Ari" is a stretch. How about make the hint be "Aphrodite's lover" and it becomes "Ares + zone + a".
Level 38
Jan 26, 2014
How does "ouri" mean "run hastily"? Am I missing something?
Level 38
Jan 26, 2014
Never mind, I see where you show how the words are put together.
Level 75
Mar 31, 2016
I don't...
Level 54
Jul 10, 2017
"Ouri" sounds like hurry. Miss hurry. Doesn't work if you pronounce it "Missourah."
Level 86
Dec 17, 2018
Miss Hurry loves company.
Level 39
Jan 26, 2014
i can't believe i missed indiana. i've been calling it indie-ana forever
Level 81
May 26, 2014
Only missed the chaste one and had a good facepalm over it. Nice quiz!
Level 74
Apr 23, 2015
Great quiz! The last answer I filled in was "Japanese greeting." You could include "American greeting = Hawaii" (How are ya?) :)
Level 74
Apr 22, 2016
*apparel* and think you meant Ms. Paquin
Level 67
Apr 24, 2016
Federer's game LOL!!!!!
Level 75
Nov 12, 2016
Good idea for a quiz, but I found the capitalisation really confusing and inconsistent. E.g. "To Don Apparel" made me think don was a name, while "female deer" was not capitalised at all O.o
Level 77
Oct 16, 2017
I guatemala.
Level 91
Dec 8, 2017
This was fun, was totally stuck on Trumpeter Armstrong + Z + Miss. Karenina for a while because pronouncing Z as "Zee" didn't occur to me. It still gives me a dirty feeling...
Level 75
Dec 8, 2017
Oh man...I never considered that that is pronounced Zed north of the border. Now I have to come up with another clue. Dangit.
Level 40
Dec 19, 2017
And yet you're adamant about the Hera thing.
Level 28
Dec 20, 2017
Great quiz! :)
Level 55
Feb 15, 2018
ziuq nuF
Level 47
Mar 14, 2018
Dang I'm really bad at these but yet I still really like them. Make more please
Level 69
Jun 14, 2018
I don't understand the Japanese greeting one
Level 87
Jul 26, 2018
ohayou! means good morning and sounds exactly like the state in the US
Level 31
Aug 9, 2018
Just pointing out that the "Zeus's wife" hint leads quite naturally to the answer "Iowa" as well. Outside of the "zone" part of the hint that answer fits quite well. (Io was a mistress to Zeus, Iowa also ends in 'a')
Level 75
Aug 9, 2018
Just pointing out that "wife" and "mistress" are two very different things. I'll test that theory however, and start introducing my wife as my mistress and see how that goes :-)
Level 85
Nov 4, 2018
Better yet, introduce your mistress TO your wife and see how THAT goes!
Level 52
Apr 26, 2019
To be extremely picky (what else is Jetpunk for?), "Karenina" was Anna's married name, so it should be "Mrs". Her daughter "Annie" was by her lover Count Vronksy and wasn't called Karenina.
Level 84
Jun 3, 2019
I just knew that the second 'c' should be pronounced in 'Connecticut'. Ha! I was right all along...
Level 50
Sep 4, 2020
Biblical no-no, I love it