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79,8962018-03-07 Musicians by Last Name
72,7242021-04-16 Two Letter Answers #1
57,4122016-09-06 Actors by Last Name #1
54,2192020-01-08 Actresses by Last Name #1
51,4272019-12-16 Actors by Last Name #2
48,4982019-12-16 Political Figures by Last Name #1
47,1552015-08-27 Word Puzzles - Countries #1
41,4572019-12-06 Answers Begin and End with the Same Letter A-Z
41,4162017-06-05NBA Players by Last Name
41,3242018-09-29 Prime Meridian Countries
41,3022018-11-27 Religion A-Z #1
38,7872021-03-26 Elemental Words
38,2622016-04-22 Word Puzzles - U.S. States
37,7922018-01-02 Word Puzzles - Countries #2
35,1102019-12-07 Movie Characters by Last Name #1
29,8732018-11-14 Word Puzzles - World Cities #1
23,4942018-04-20 Word Puzzles - Animals #1
21,6632022-06-09 Double Letters A-Z
21,3092014-02-28 Word Puzzles - Animals #2
21,1662019-12-07 Literary Characters by Last Name
16,3972019-12-21 Word Puzzles - U.S. Cities #1
15,7492019-12-07 Word Puzzles - World Cities #3
14,1282019-12-16 Cult Classic Films by Clue
12,6532013-12-26 Story Songs by Plot
8,7132013-07-11 Word Math #1
8,5682018-05-01 Famous People from Africa
8,5572013-09-20 American TV Characters by Last Name #1
8,3382014-03-10 Types of Dances
7,2132013-10-29NFL Players by Last Name
7,1962013-07-11 NBA Jam Rosters
6,7942014-05-28 Animal Sidekicks
6,4312023-01-09NFL Black Quarterbacks
5,4282014-03-14 Road Trip Movies
4,6762018-01-16 Space Jam Starting Lineups
4,6552014-05-06MLB Players by Last Name
4,1632021-09-29Bordering Countries
4,1272013-07-31NASCAR Drivers by Last Name
2,7362014-02-06Bordering Countries #2
2,3962017-03-14Schools with the Most NCAA Tournament Bids
2,1192013-07-31Country Musicians by Last Name
2,1072014-06-10Baseball Movies
2,0322018-02-08Sports Teams Named for Birds
1,9212014-02-06Bordering Countries #3
1,7192017-04-03Schools with an NCAA Final Four Appearance
1,6842013-07-20Celebrity Real Names
1,6632013-12-23U.S. State Capitals - North to South
1,5542014-02-07Football Movies
1,5542014-02-08Basketball Movies
1,3552013-07-20Gilligan's Island Theme Song Lyrics (Intro)
1,3392013-06-27Foods that Start with V
1,2782014-03-25U.S. State Capitals by Population
1,2392013-07-27Artists by Last Name
1,1042017-06-27Dual Threat - Actors and Musicians
1,0092013-12-23U.S. State Capitals - West to East
9242018-03-28Famous One-Named People
8002013-11-04TV Shows By Pets
7552016-08-28Famous Women in Politics
6802013-09-14Elemental Words #2
6192014-02-13The REAL Bacon Quiz
5682015-04-20Architectural Terminology
5172022-09-27Nations Represented by the College of Cardinals
5142013-11-12Movie Trivia - Dumb and Dumber
5032013-03-15Answers are Shapes
5012014-03-24Pokemon Video Games
4992021-05-24Words with silent letters
4792014-07-14100 People
4232014-06-11Things that are French
3512014-01-20State Flag by Description
3412014-04-08Athletes Turned Actors
3392014-02-02Famous Elves and Dwarves
3282013-06-07Words beginning with two vowels
2932013-12-05Famous Aunts & Uncles
2892013-08-14Gilligan's Island Theme Song (Outro)
2872013-07-30Groups with Missing Words
2812021-06-30Michael Crichton Novels
2692014-03-12Countries with the Most Selfies
2692014-02-08The Captain Quiz (mostly fictional)
2472022-01-19Dating Profiles of Fictional Characters
2422013-12-12Redneck 12 Days of Christmas Quiz
2412014-06-12Novels by Chapter Name
2372014-09-18Tropic of Cancer Countries
2282014-06-102014 World Cup Teams
2062014-02-03Bordering States
1982014-09-18Tropic of Capricorn Countries
1882013-01-29What Year did it Happen?
1812017-06-24Interstate I-90 Cities
1762016-07-19Word Puzzles - Pokemon
1602014-07-07Cities that Changed Names
1552018-02-05Interstate I-10 Cities
1542017-06-23Interstate I-80 Cities
1482013-06-27Laffy Taffy Jokes
1442016-07-19Major non-Nato American Allies
1222017-06-23Interstate I-40 Cities
1192013-06-03Find the Food
1162013-12-28Lists in Product Advertisement
1162014-04-14Famous Kens
1112014-12-23Academy Award Categories
962014-10-2610 Letter Answers
932017-08-16Interstate I-70 Cities
812017-06-23Interstate I-20 Cities
782016-03-24Music Videos by Description
732021-12-30Band by Guitarist
712017-06-20Route 66 States
642017-03-21College Football Team Names that do not End with 'S'
592017-06-23Interstate I-30 Cities
572022-01-04Band by Drummer
532014-10-2415 Letter Answers
512014-06-16Iconic Vehicles from TV and Movies