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9,4232015-02-20100 rock bands by song title
5,5442017-01-05Best football (soccer) clubs by country
4,3692017-02-05European countries that were not occupied in World War II
3,6602013-03-09Top goal scorers of football (soccer) clubs
3,5762013-03-17Spanish football (soccer) La liga champions
1,6692013-03-19Formula one drivers championship winning countries
1,5292014-02-14Famous bands from Finland
1,3962014-10-20Top goal scorers by national team (soccer)
1,2472014-12-09Countries with most Finnish people
1,1612017-07-08Stanley cup winners from Finland
1,1202019-02-18Countries that have beaten Brazil at FIFA World Cup
9302021-07-11Countries that have beaten Argentina at FIFA World Cup (football)
9032018-06-20F1 grand prix winning countries
8992017-06-28Suomen sata yleisintä lintulajia
8702014-07-29Most popular sports by country
8332018-07-16Fifa World Cup final goal scorers
8112014-11-14Suomen 1995 jääkiekon mm-kultajoukkue
7952014-10-20Suomenkielisen Raamatun kirjat
7492017-12-06Worst Fifa world cup qualification teams of all time
7432018-03-17Neighbors of Russian neighbors
7372017-04-30Formula one drivers from Finland
7362016-08-12Ski jumping all time best jumpers
6942019-11-15Football (soccer) teams of Diego Maradona
6472015-05-30Suomen 2011 jääkiekon mm-kultajoukkue
6022013-03-24European civil wars after 1900
5892013-03-28Flags with at least 5 different colors
5512015-01-22Countries which start with same letter as its capital
5492014-10-14National teams which Lionel Messi has scored against
5312019-08-18Suomessa havaitut nisäkäslajit
5312016-09-15UEFA Champions League goal scorers from Finland
5152013-12-28Famous football players first senior clubs #1
5072013-03-22Fifa World cup 2010 captains (soccer)
5062014-07-27Suomen yleisimmät lintulajit
4892013-03-29Queen music videos
4782019-08-19Famous red and white stripe football (soccer) teams
4602021-06-14Groups of things - Formula 1
4502015-06-07UEFA champions league AND Copa Libertadores winners
4102016-09-16Formula one drivers who are relative
3992017-06-12Suomen kunnat, joilla on maarajaa naapurimaiden kanssa
3872014-02-16Countries with most athletes at 2014 Winter olympics
3812017-01-05First countries to recognize independence of Finland
3692014-07-29Suomessa tavatut pöllölajit
3572014-11-06Ski jumping four hills tournament winners
3262013-12-28Famous football players first senior clubs #2
3252019-08-18Premier league players from Finland
3182014-01-06Football (soccer) Olympic winning countries
3182019-02-19Fifa world cup goal scorers from Argentina
3162013-11-13Nationalities of Champions league winning managers
3072014-05-22Top 50 Champions league goal scorers
2962015-03-15Countries that have won Germany at Fifa World cup
2942015-10-17Top 10 biggest countries by reserve military
2902017-04-23Top 10 countries: biggest army per capita
2682016-10-16Number 10 shirt players of Argentina
2512015-01-24Fifa World Cup winning Premier league players
2142019-11-17Football player by picture: Finland
2122019-08-19Suomessa havaitut P-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
2102014-06-29Fifa World Cup 2014 number 10 shirt players
2012014-08-17Countries with most Finno-Ugric people
1952013-03-10Most successful teams of football (soccer) competitions
1822015-06-26Suomessa havaitut H:lla alkavat lintulajit
1782017-10-09Kielet joita C.G.E Mannerheim osasi puhua
1752017-04-01Finland groups of things
1612021-07-02Suomessa havaitut lintulajit
1562015-07-07Suomessa havaitut V-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
1472017-02-13Countries whose leader must belong to a certain religion
1462019-08-18Countries with longest run of F1 drivers
1462021-07-02Suomessa havaitut k-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
1442014-03-071930 Fifa World Cup
1392015-06-27Suomessa havaitut L-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
1362016-03-29Raamatun paikat suomeksi
1342020-11-18Battle of neighbors - Finland vs. Sweden
1332019-02-19Finland multiple choice (easy)
1302019-08-19Suomen eduskunnan puhemiehet
1282015-07-07Suomessa havaitut T-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
1252013-10-27Countries which have reached top 10 in Fifa ranking
1212015-06-27Suomessa havaitut S-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
1212019-11-19Beautiful women by picture 1
1162015-07-07Suomessa havaitut N-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
1152018-07-16FIFA football Wold Cup - Players who scored in 3 different tournaments
1102019-12-02Football (soccer) manager by picture
1032019-08-19Suomessa havaitut A:lla alkavat lintulajit
1032019-12-02Football (soccer) goalkeeper by picture
992015-08-30Athletics world championships host countries
972013-03-28First countries with universal suffrage
962016-03-06Ice hockey final goal scorers from Finland
952015-07-04Suomessa havaitut R-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
922015-06-27Suomessa havaitut m-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
912019-11-21Beautiful women by picture 4
902016-05-26Top 5 football league players with +30 goal seasons
882015-07-07Suomessa havaitut F-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
872019-11-20Beautiful women by picture 2
842016-01-13Guess the football (soccer) club!
842013-10-24National teams with best worst Fifa-ranking
832016-07-07Countries with 100 m under 10 seconds athletes
832019-11-10Tunnista lintulaji kuvasta 1
822019-02-19Finland multiple choice (harder)
822019-11-28Football club by picture of stadium
812014-01-26Football transfer World records
802020-09-07Suomalaiset NHL maalivahdit
772019-08-18Fifa U21 world cup winners
762019-11-23Famous men by eyes and nose 1
762019-11-21Beautiful women by picture 3
742015-07-07Suomessa havaitut U-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
722016-06-17Countries never participated football World cup OR continental championships
722016-11-14Tuntemattoman sotilaan päähenkilöt
672019-11-24People without head by picture
672020-09-07Eniten maaleja NHL:ssä tehneet suomalaiset
622017-10-08European nations most willing to fight for their country
612019-11-13Formula one drivers by picture 1
592013-03-08Christian artists by song title
582017-10-16Most dangerous cities for women
562016-11-26Suomessa havaitut i-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
562019-11-23Beautiful women by picture 5
562015-07-07Suomessa havaitut J-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
552017-10-15FIFA world cup: countries with positive goal difference
532019-11-25People without head by picture 2
532016-07-11Football (soccer) continental champions
512014-03-08Goal scoring football goalkeepers
512019-12-14Human organ by picture
502019-02-21FIFA World Cup multiple choice 1
472020-12-18Tunnista lintulaji kuvasta 2
462015-09-23Teams of footballer Jari Litmanen
462016-02-26Champions league winning countries - all confederations
462017-10-15Top 20 countries by coastline (true answers)
412019-11-15Formula one drivers by picture 3
412020-02-22Movies to Actor Title Select Quiz
402020-12-18Tunnista lintulaji kuvasta 3
402019-11-14Formula one drivers by picture 2
382015-07-07Suomessa havaitut E-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
382015-03-24Greatest surprises of football history
372014-07-18Fifa world cup top scoring teams
362019-11-16Formula one drivers by picture 4
352019-11-17Formula one drivers by picture 5
352017-10-15FIFA World cup: countries with worst goal difference
342020-10-23Songs of Stryper
312019-11-09Famous athletes from Finland by picture
302020-09-07Suomen presidenttien syntymäkunnat
302021-07-23Suomessa havaitut lintusukujen nimilajit
302021-06-14Queen song by picture
302016-07-08Javelin throw +90 meters men
292019-02-22FIFA World cup multiple choice 2
282018-02-22Countries with stripped olympic medals
272019-11-10Hockey legends from Finland by picture
262017-11-02Top 20 countries with smallest gender gap
262020-09-06Top 50 NHL goal scorers from Finland
252015-07-07Suomessa havaitut G-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
242015-07-07Suomessa havaitut O-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
232019-02-23Fifa world cup multiple choice 3
232015-07-07Suomessa havaitut Y-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
212017-12-26Football player chain
202017-11-02Countries with biggest gender gap
192015-07-07Suomessa havaitut B-kirjaimella alkavat lintulajit
132015-12-20People who have opened Olympic games
112017-09-13Songs with Jesus on title
72021-07-23Tunnista lintulaji nokasta 1
52021-02-28Tunnista perhoslaji kuvasta
52020-10-22Albums of Stryper
32021-07-23Tunnista lintu nokasta 2
02021-07-24BirdLife Suomen jäsenyhdistykset