Quizzes by Aims

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Aims.
# of Quizzes 56
# Subscribers 1
Times taken 11,572
Quizmaker Rank # 1,553
1,4432014-07-14Only Fools And Horses
9762014-05-29Finish the Great Songs!
6852018-02-22Malcolm In The Middle
6642016-08-29Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
6292014-04-20Finish the Great Songs! (Part 3)
4642015-03-25Finish the Great Songs! (Part 2)
4312015-05-24Finish the Great Songs! (Part 4)
4162014-04-22Finish the Great Songs! (Part 5)
3782013-09-24True or False?
3572014-04-27Finish the Great Songs! (Part 10)
3462013-09-10Finish The Cartoon
3282014-11-02The Parent Trap
3162017-06-24The Royle Family
3032014-04-26Finish the Great Songs! (Part 9)
2802016-08-19British TV Shows
2732014-04-23Finish the Great Songs! (Part 6)
2582014-04-24Finish the Great Songs! (Part 7)
2352014-04-25Finish the Great Songs! (Part 8)
1762015-07-261980's Movies
1612014-05-19Disney Quiz
1512014-04-30'Sayings/Quotes' Quiz
1492015-07-261990's Movies
1432015-07-261970's Movies
1342015-07-302010's Movies
1202014-08-10Will & Grace
1042015-07-272000's Movies
902014-06-19Singer's names beginning with B
882013-04-07Who sang that song?
762014-05-04Something for every letter quiz
752014-06-12Singer's names beginning with P
702014-06-11Singer's names beginning with J
702014-07-10Neverending Story Quiz
642014-06-15Singer's names beginning with R
642013-04-27Who sang that song? # 2
612017-06-29Actors Names Beginning With B
602014-06-15Singer's names beginning with M
562017-09-24Actresses Names Beginning With A
562014-05-05Jokes Quiz
532013-10-11Who Sang That Song? #3
522017-09-24Everybody Loves Raymond
492013-04-07Billy Elliot
492017-06-25Actors Names Beginning With A
452017-06-30Actors Names Beginning With C
392013-11-22Cool Quotes/Taglines
372014-08-09Famous 'Jones' Quiz
362014-05-05Jokes Quiz (Part 2)
312017-01-14Number Quiz
302017-09-29British Duos
272013-09-24Name The Song!
212014-07-05Guess The Gold Olympic Medalists
192017-06-24Pixar Character Chain
122014-07-16Items You Will Find In A House Quiz
32014-11-01The Little Vampire