The Black Plague Quiz

Answer these general knowledge questions about the Black Plague.
Source: Wikipedia
Quiz by Macaco
Last updated: June 26, 2016
First submittedJune 26, 2016
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During which century did the biggest outbreak of black plague take place?
14th Century
The world population did not reach its pre-plague levels again until which century?
17th Century
The plague is thought to have originated in central ____
Via which ancient trade route did the black plague travel to Europe?
Silk Road
Which insect, which lived on rats, is responsible for spreading the plague?
Another name for the Black Plague (1st alphabetically)
Black Death
Another name for the Black Plague (2nd alphabetically)
Bubonic Plague
In 1347, the Mongol army was laying siege to which Crimean port city when it hurled bodies dead from the plague over the city walls with the aim of infecting its inhabitants?
To which country did traders then spread the plague via ship?
What is the name for a swollen, inflamed lymph node in the armpit or groin that was caused by the plague?
What is another name for the above?
The "Miasma Theory", the most widely accepted theory at the time, held that the black plague was caused by bad ___
The king of which country blamed the conjunction of three planets in the heavens for causing the bad ___ above?
The idea of quarantine was established in which Croatian city in 1377 after continuing outbreaks?
What is the scientific name for the pathogen that caused the Black Plague?
Yersinia pestis
Another form of the plague, which affects the lungs, is called what?
Pneumonic Plague
The third, least common form of the plague, which causes purple skin patches and has a mortality rate of nearly 100%, is called what?
Septicemic Plague
Which artist brothers of Siena were victims of the plague?
There were many attacks against which ethnic group, which was often blamed for causing the plague?
Which condition, the localized death and decomposition of body tissue, is also a common symptom of the plague?
The most recent large global outbreak of plague took place in which country from 1855-1959?
50 people died in 2006 during an outbreak of plague in which African country?
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Level 64
Jun 26, 2016
Can you remove the yellow box feature for this quiz? I find it unnecessary for these types of quizzes. Or at least give me credit for putting Bubonic plague on the first one of the "Another name for the disease" question instead of actually having to type "Black Death"
Level 64
Jun 26, 2016
Also, no credit for DRC?
Level 57
Jun 26, 2016
I put the yellow box on this quiz so #10 "bubo" wouldn't be filled in when "bubonic plague" was guessed. I changed the hints a little to fix the problem with the two different names.