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Argentina Country Quiz

Name these facts about the country of Argentina.
Last updated: February 27, 2014
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Capital city
Buenos Aires
Official language
Dance that originated in Argentina
Semi-arid region shared with Chile
Fertile lowlands in the North
The Pampas
Estuary between
Argentina and Uruguay
Río de la Plata
Southern island group
Tierra del Fuego
Tallest mountain
Range the above is located in
Term for an Argentinian cowboy
Waterfalls on the Brazilian border
Iguazu Falls
"Hand of God" footballer
Diego Maradona
Five-time FIFA player of the year
Lionel Messi
Pope born in Argentina
Marxist revolutionary born in Argentina
Che Guevara
Chemical element Argentina is named for
Economic number that hit
12,000% in 1989
Argentinian barbecue
President Perón's wife
Country warred against in 1982
United Kingdom
Islands they fought over
Falkland Islands
level 73
Feb 27, 2014
I kept puting Catalonia for Patagonia. Crap...
level 61
Apr 11, 2014
Tango originated in both Uruguay and Argentina.
level 69
Apr 11, 2014
However, most of the people would associate it with Argentina. I don't think this answer would be guessed more often if i added "Uruguay" into the clue.
level 61
Apr 11, 2014
I agree It doesn't need to be added by name, just pointing it out.
level 70
Apr 11, 2014
Didn't know they played football in Argentina. I thought they played soccer.;-)
level 21
Apr 13, 2014
Yes, they play football in Argentina. They do not play Hand-Egg, though.
level 72
Apr 13, 2014
Don't start.
level 17
Apr 12, 2015
Foot because its played with your FEET mainly. BALL -spherical object or entity- is because its played with one. Soccer means nothing. American hand-egg is a nice game btw
level 59
Apr 11, 2014
Does the quiz also accept Las Malvinas for the Falkland Islands? Since it's an Argentina quiz it should accept the Argentine name.
level 28
Apr 12, 2014
To the people who live there they are the Falkland Islands, that's what counts. Good quiz, 14/22.
level 51
May 8, 2014
You should eat asado, is the greatest food ever!
level 38
Jun 14, 2014
You need to add "mate", is the most popular drink in Argentina!!
level 50
Aug 29, 2014
Peron had 3 wives, 2 of whom were political, Eva (Evita) (his 2nd) and Maria Estela (lsabelita) his 3rd. Eva is the most famous wife, but lsabelita was his VP and became president after Peron's death
level 15
Dec 7, 2015
it would be pretty weird if someone could guess one of his other wives' names but not know Evita, haha.
level 75
Nov 11, 2014
First time I ever got a soccer question on one of these quizzes! Guess I've seen my kid playing the video game enough to remember one name.
level 67
Jan 19, 2016
Messi has already won his fifth Golden Ball, by now. Also, this being a test about Argentina, I think Maldives should be accepted for the Falklands.
level 69
Jan 19, 2016
Maldives is an island group in Asia. You surely meant "Malvinas", didn't you?
level 73
Dec 3, 2016
Isabel should be accepted as well. And mate could be added as well
level 43
Nov 30, 2017
Great!! Easy for an argentinian like me, but surely difficult to others.
level 22
Jun 11, 2018
FIRST President Peron's wife would be better ;)
level 61
May 23, 2019
I would recommend accepting Castilian as the language.