Myanmar Country Quiz

Can you guess these facts about the country of Myanmar?
Quiz by alberici
Last updated: May 17, 2020
First submittedJanuary 2, 2016
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Alternative name for Myanmar
Capital city of Myanmar
Most populous city
Former English-language spelling
of the above
Second most-populous city
Myanmar's main river
European country which
colonized Myanmar
United Kingdom
Country that invaded in 1942
Countries which border
Dominant religion
Religion of the persecuted Rohingya
ethnic group
J word that refers to a ruling
military clique such as the one that
ruled Myanmar from 1988-2011
Myanmar is located on this ocean bay
Bay of Bengal
It also borders this sea
Andaman Sea
Political leader who was under
house arrest for 20 years
Aung San
Suu Kyi
U.N. Secretary General, 1961-71
U Thant
P word that describes certain types of
temple buildings in many Asian
countries including Myanmar
Myanmar is one of three countries to
not officially use this system
(the others are the U.S. and Liberia)
Metric System
Level 77
May 17, 2020
Irawadi maybe?
Level 78
May 17, 2020
All I could think of for the sea was Andalusian. Only a continent away.
Level 71
May 17, 2020
I'm surprised not to see anything about Bagan here, especially since it's in the photo. Something about the last Mughal emperor being exiled/buried in Yangon might be a good question too.
Level 65
Jul 10, 2020
I tried 'Aang' and 'Ang' among others but didn't get 'Aung'. 😬
Level 70
Jul 27, 2020
QM, please do include these alternative spellings. I missed it due to the (nearly silent) “u” as well. I just hear about her much more in the news than I see it spelled out
Level 81
Jul 23, 2020
A UN Secretary General from Myanmar?! U Thant be serious! ;)
Level 82
Jul 27, 2020
16/22. Of those missed, some I had never heard of before and some I think I remembered seeing but couldn't recall how to spell correctly.
Level 45
Jul 27, 2020
do Palau, Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands use the metric system?
Level 45
Jul 27, 2020
Am I the only one who was typing Siam and got the metric system xD?
Level 65
Jul 27, 2020
They're working on switching to metric.
Level 50
Jul 27, 2020
Is there a reason that China and India are alphabetically switched on the bordering countries list?
Level 29
Jul 27, 2020
Burma isn’t a alternative name, it is it’s former name
Level 73
Jul 27, 2020
No, it is both. Many people still say "Burma", because they have no idea what Myanmar is. So, technically Burma is also an alternative name.
Level 29
Jul 27, 2020
Level 64
Jul 28, 2020
It'll always be Burma to me.
Level 69
Jul 27, 2020
I don't know about now, but for at least fifteen years after the change, saying/writing Myanmar implied acceptance of the military regime; saying/writing Burma implied rejection.
Level 79
Jul 28, 2020
which was always pretty stupid.