All 1M Cities on the Borderless World Map with hints on Dots by typing Countries

There are 552 cities with at least 1 million inhabitants. Each dot consists of two parts:
1) the inner one is highlighted by typing the name of the country or of the city: if you move the mouse over it you can see some of the letters of the answer you have to type!
2) the outer one is highlighted by typing the name of the city
Urban Area population according to (reference date 01.01.2017)
Dot size depends on population
Blue dots indicate capital cities (dark blue agglomerations containing them), red dots indicate urban agglomerations 'without main city'
Hints on dots: you are shown the 2nd letter of the country's largest city and the first (n-1) letters of the nth largest one - except you are never revealed the last letter
Quiz by scambigol
Last updated: February 28, 2017
First submittedFebruary 28, 2017
Times taken2,363
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Level 41
Feb 28, 2017
Fun quiz
Level 71
Mar 2, 2017

I think I'm happy enough with that to never try this quiz again. Cool, but soooo time consuming!

Level 53
Nov 2, 2017
Level 37
Apr 3, 2019
My favorite quizz yet !! Thank you
Level 71
Aug 31, 2019
I hammered out 846, fraying my nerves in the meantime, and that only equals or beats 77%?? Wow.
Level 78
Sep 6, 2019
Not a fan of the hints. Type Indianapolis and you wind up with apolis. Type Caracas and you wind up with acas.
Level 81
Oct 27, 2019
Not sure you got the clues correctly. If you have already answered a city you don't have to worry about its clue.

Best strategy is to type the name of the COUNTRY the city is in. That will then give you the starting letter(s) to all the cities in that country.

If you are hovering your mouse over the cities after the quiz is finished things might get a little confusing because of the way the quiz is made. Don't read anything into that.

Level 85
Feb 9, 2021
One of the answers is shown as _'__________. What in the world is this? And how did 60% of the people get it right?
Level 55
Feb 18, 2021
it's N'Djamena
Level 90
May 5, 2021
That was intense... nominated
Level 55
May 5, 2021
1045/1104, the Chinese part was very intense!
Level 72
May 5, 2021
Wow... what a quiz! It took me three tries, but by the third time I could name all but 20 of the cities without Googling any of them thanks to the hints.

A couple of notes: if you type "addis", Addis Ababa lights up but not the hint dot in the middle - you have to type "addis ababa" for that to work. Also, as you type "Riyadh", it recognizes "riyad" as the correct answer, but only for the hint dot, and not for the actual answer.

Level 28
May 5, 2021
962/1104=87% Okay
Level 74
May 5, 2021
Very cool quiz. Could have used a few more minutes to actually use the clues.
Level 74
May 5, 2021
Epic. I love the fact that the hints help you not only guess cities, but learn them as well. Great job.
Level 60
May 6, 2021
Please accept Dr for Dominican Republic
Level 22
May 12, 2021
I've got all