NFL Super Wild Card Weekend!


Week 18 Recap

This might get complicated, but I’m gonna break down everything that happened in the final week of the regular season.

1. The first game on Saturday was between the Steelers and the Ravens. The Steelers won the game, keeping them alive for the playoff race. Baltimore rested their starters, as they already clinched the number 1 seed in the AFC.
2. The second Saturday game was between the Texans and the Colts. This game was very important because the winner would clinch a playoff spot, and the loser would be eliminated. The Texans won the close game 23-19, giving them a playoff spot. They couldn’t yet clinch the AFC South division title, because their fate was dependent on the Jaguars game.
3. The Lions defeat the Vikings, knocking them out of playoff contention.
4. The Titans beat the Jaguars, knocking them out of playoff contention, and giving the Texans the division title. This also guaranteed the Bills and Steelers playoff spots.
5. Buccaneers defeat the Panthers and clinch the NFC South.
6. The Saints dominate the Falcons 48-17, knocking out the Falcons from the playoffs, and keeping the Saints alive for a wild card spot.
7. The Seahawks defeat the Cardinals, keeping them alive, however, it wouldn’t matter because

8. The Packers defeated the Bears, allowing them to clinch the final spot in the NFC, knocking out the Saints as well.

9. The Eagles lost to the Giants
10. And the Cowboys defeated the Commanders, allowing Dallas to clinch the NFC East.

11. The final game on Sunday was between the Bills and the Dolphins. This game would determine who would win the AFC East. The Bills won 21-14, giving them the division title.

Wild Card Matchups

The schedule has been released for the Wild Card games

The Saturday, January 13 games will be

(5) Browns (11-6) at (4) Texans (10-7) @ 4:30 PM ET

(6) Dolphins (11-6) at (3) Chiefs (11-6) @ 8:00 PM ET

The Sunday, January 14 games will be

(7) Steelers (10-7) at (2) Bills (11-6) @ 1:00 PM ET

(7) Packers (9-8) at (2) Cowboys (12-5) @ 4:30 PM ET

(6) Rams (10-7) at (3) Lions (12-5) @ 8:00 PM ET

Then, there will be one game on Monday, January 15

(5) Eagles (11-6) at (4) Buccaneers (9-8) @ 8:00 PM ET


Let me know your predictions for these wild card games! Who are you rooting for? Who do you think will play in the Super Bowl?

Level 74
Jan 12, 2024
I have no idea how likely it is, but I want a Texans vs 49ers Super Bowl
Level 68
Jan 12, 2024
Anything can happen!