The Basics of Each State #6- Florida


State Flag


Population- 21,944,600

Population Density- 397.2

Median Age- 42


Senators- Marco Rubio and Rick Scott  

Governor- Ron DeSantis


Area- 65,758

Capital City- Tallahassee 

Biggest City- Jacksonville 

Biggest Metro Area- Miami


Nickname- The Sunshine State

Motto- In God We Trust

Date of Statehood- March 3, 1845

Flower- Orange Blossom

Tree- Sabal Palm

Bird- Northern Mockingbird

Animal- Florida Panther

Song- Swanee River

In the comments, vote for which state you want to hear about next. New York, North Carolina or Illinois.

Level 59
May 10, 2021
do NY, NC and IL! lol
Level 42
May 10, 2021
Do every single state LOL
Level 40
May 10, 2021
NC is my...

I don't care which one you do, but nice blog.

Level 42
May 10, 2021