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Answers are TV Titles

All the answers the names of American TV shows. Based on the clue, guess the show.
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Last updated: September 21, 2018
First submittedDecember 2, 2014
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TV Show
Beats a flush
Full House
It's this, my dear Watson
Neighbor of Fort Worth
The unmarried man
The Bachelor
Town where Superman grew up
The members of the dynasty of
Henry VIII and Elizabeth
The Tudors
Number of hours in a day
Norsemen who terrorized Europe
Cloister dweller
The choir members with the
highest voices
The Sopranos
Depth of a grave
Six Feet Under
TV Show
The Red Hot Chili Peppers'
most famous album?
The initials of a county just south of L.A.
The O.C.
The part of the White House where
the Oval Office is located
The West Wing
New York hamlet haunted by
the Headless Horseman
Sleepy Hollow
Last name of German brothers
who compiled fairy tales
1984 character who is always watching
Big Brother
When an electron "jumps" from
one position to another
Quantum Leap
Famous general of ancient Carthage
What surgeons wear
level 44
Feb 9, 2015
Red Hot Chili Peppers most 'Famous' Album isn't Calafornication, it's Blood Sugar Sex Magik !
level 83
Feb 9, 2015
I never heard of BSSM, but Californication is something even I know of!
level 71
Jul 10, 2018
Same here. Californication is the only RHCP album I've ever heard of. Perhaps it didn't quite sell as much as the other people are mentioning, but Californication might be the one that truly launched them?
level 62
Feb 13, 2019
Blood Sugar Sex Magik launched them to superstardom in 1991, then their guitar player quit, and the music they made without him was not very warmly received, so they faded from public consciousness a little bit. Then the guitar player came back and they released Californication in the late 90's and burst back to the top of the rock charts. Both were massively popular albums with like three or four major hit songs each. Which one seems "more famous" to you probably just depends on whether you were more in tune with pop music in the early 90's or late 90's.
level 67
Feb 9, 2015
I tried that too, then realized there's no show called that (and if there were, it'd have to be on Skinemax.)
level 72
Jul 14, 2018
Or possibly the Food Network.
level 62
Feb 12, 2019
I agree Samuel281! I guess it depends on which age group you belong to, although there were only 8 years between their releases. There was a difference in music style between the two albums, and I did not like the new direction in Californication. For those here that have never heard of Blood Sugar Sex Magik, you should give it a listen. You will most likely recognize a few of the songs.
level 46
Feb 12, 2019
I tried Blood sugar sex magic first too. Also tried bow tie for the surgeon one.
level 49
Feb 13, 2019
I suspected people would be commenting on this one. Since the clue does end with a [?] I'll allow it.
level 65
Feb 9, 2015
Technically *pushes up nerd glasses* Vikings is an Irish-Canadian TV show, that airs in the USA.
level 46
Feb 12, 2019
Also, Big Brother is Dutch...
level 64
Feb 13, 2019
And The Tudors is a UK-Canadian production. But, this is JetPunk: never let details get in the way of trying to catch out the quiz takers.
level 53
Feb 9, 2015
"When an electron jumps form one position to another" is actually called a quanta, not a quantum leap!
level 73
Apr 23, 2019
nope - https://www.dictionary.com/browse/quantum--leap

Quanta is the plural of quantum
level 35
Feb 13, 2015
You should accept soprano.
level 49
Feb 13, 2019
Remember that the name of the quiz is "the answers are TV shows". There is no show called Soprano.
level 67
Jul 8, 2018
For "the unmarried man," there was also a mediocre sitcom on for a couple of seasons in the mid-90s called The Single Guy. It wasn't great, but got reasonably high ratings (mostly by being aired between Friends and Seinfeld.
level 65
Feb 12, 2019
Ha, that's what I tried the first couple times, before dawning on me it was The Bachelor.
level 59
Feb 12, 2019
I could literally only think of Sherlock. I completely forgot that 1) Elementary existed and 2) Sherlock is a British show
level 61
Feb 12, 2019
Agree with Marlowe, While I arrived at Bachelor, I got there by way of first answering "The Single Guy." Possession of such arcane knowledge should be rewarded.
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