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Atlantic Ocean General Knowledge

Can you answer these general knowledge questions about the Atlantic Ocean?
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What sea borders 25 different countries, more than any other sea?
Caribbean Sea
What body of water separates England and France?
What country is located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?
What is the most populous urban area that borders the Atlantic Ocean?
Besides the U.S. and Mexico, what country borders the Gulf of Mexico?
What canal connects the Atlantic to the Pacific?
Panama Canal
What bay is located north of Spain and west of France?
Bay of Biscay
What group of islands, owned by Spain, are located near the coast of Morocco?
Canary Islands
What English explorer is the namesake of a river in New York and a bay in Canada?
What sea includes the gulfs of Finland and Bothnia?
What city, starting with D, is the westernmost city on the mainland of Africa?
What island group includes St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John?
Virgin Islands
What city is home to Ipanema and Copacabana beaches?
What sea borders Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Denmark?
North Sea
Which group of people were the first to settle on both sides of the Atlantic?
What is the capital of the Bahamas?
What strait connects the Mediterranean to the Atlantic proper?
Strait of Gibraltar
On what island would you find St. John's - the easternmost city in Canada?
What country controls the territory of Bermuda?
What Portuguese island group lies about 1,600 kilometers west of Lisbon?
The Azores
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level 56
Dec 5, 2017
Wow!!!! I love this quiz!! 0:25 secs to share! ;)
level 60
Jan 9, 2018
OK, could you SHARE those 25 secs with me please,
level 69
Dec 6, 2017
Can't believe I knew all the answers. 2.50 left. Not my usual performance.
level 55
Feb 17, 2018
TYPO: What *seas* borders Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Denmark?
level ∞
Feb 18, 2018
level 65
Mar 25, 2018
Good quiz, could not spell Dakar for the life of me, kept getting mixed up with other capitals.
level 44
Mar 26, 2018
I never really knew about the history of Vikings....
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