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B Vocabulary Words Quiz #2

Guess these vocabulary words that start with the letter B.
Quiz by Quizmaster
First submittedJuly 5, 2012
Last updatedDecember 30, 2018
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Pertaining to cattle
Long, narrow French bread
American buffalo
Miniaturized Japanese plant
Instrument for measuring
atmospheric pressure
Study of plants
Unmarried man
Slow, romantic song
Wailing Irish spirit
Staircase handrail
Thick Irish accent
Online journal
Security officer in a court of law
Type of New York City rowhouse
Relating to conventional, middle class,
materialistic attitudes
Turkish filo pastry, seasoned with honey
The crime of striking another person
Drunken feast or orgy
Stock market pessimist
Sand-filled golf obstacle
level 70
Jul 3, 2012
Bacchanal is just as valid as bacchanalia and should be accepted. I kept thinking I misspelled it until I thought to try the longer version.
level ∞
Jul 5, 2012
Bacchanal will work now.
level 72
Dec 20, 2014
I thought banality should work for "Relating to conventional, middle class, materialistic attitudes"
level 77
Jan 24, 2019
i was thinking banale, got stuck on that one
level 58
Feb 14, 2015
bachelor is spelled batchelor in UK - this should be accepted.
level 39
May 17, 2015
You're thinking of the brand of Batchelor's peas.
level 20
Mar 11, 2015
Couldn't beef be accepted for "pertaining to cattle"? It does pertain to cattle in my opinion...
level 59
Jul 2, 2015
"Pertaining to cattle" demands an adjective. "Beef" is a noun.
level 75
Apr 12, 2016
Beefy then ;)
level 79
Apr 18, 2015
bender for a drunken feast or orgy perhaps?
level 58
Jul 2, 2015
a bender is a hangover, not a drunken feast or orgy
level 70
Jul 2, 2015
When you "go on a bender," you overindulge in alcohol.
level 59
Jul 2, 2015
A bender is not a hangover. It's when you go drinking all night.
level 67
Apr 18, 2015
I thought the New York Rowhouse meant Row as in argument, I tried bordello, brothel etc . I'm not sure it deserves a place in a world wide quiz.
level 71
Sep 1, 2016
The other thing is that brownstones are just as common and culturally meaningful in Boston as they are in New York.
level 68
Dec 20, 2017
I'm glad it's not just me. But too much time spent watching 'Law & Order' paid off eventually.
level 69
Aug 14, 2018
I tried thinking of it in those terms (argument, etc.) and also in boating terms. Never occurred to me it would be what is called terraced in the UK. I used to live in NY, so should have guessed it. I got hung up on that word though.
level 57
Jul 3, 2015
Bacchanalia is the Roman festival of Bacchus.
level 23
Jul 7, 2015
All I could think of for "study of plants" was Herbology. Whoops forgot I wasn't at Hogwarts.
level 35
Mar 5, 2017
Can you put 'broker' for the stock market one?
level 67
Dec 2, 2017
level 53
Jun 14, 2017
I didn't know how to spell brogue. I tried "broag" and "broge."
level 73
Dec 31, 2018
I thought the inscrutable Irish were responsible for 17th & 18th century European architecture...
level 52
Nov 13, 2017
'Slow, romantic song', then 'wailing Irish spirit'. Sums up most relationships.
level 46
Jan 1, 2019
A blog could refer to much more than just a journal, it's more of an informational website. Kind of misleading.
level 72
Jan 2, 2019
Maybe accept "baton" also for the French bread? Not quite as long, but still long and thin by other standards
level 55
Feb 25, 2019
Could 'balustrade' or even 'baluster' be accepted for 'banister'?
level 25
Mar 28, 2019
Who else did "beef" for Q #1
level 55
May 19, 2019
baklava is also greek btw
level 41
Jun 25, 2019
Take boujee for bourgeois