Books by Plot Description

Can you guess these books based on a description of their plot?
Quiz by Quizmaster
Last updated: July 25, 2019
First submittedJuly 24, 2019
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One-legged sea captain seeks revenge against a white whale.
An English orphan is given a large fortune by an Australian convict.
Great Expectations
Barnyard animals overthrow their human master, but end up being ruled by greedy pigs.
Animal Farm
Alabama lawyer defends a black man who is falsely accused of rape.
To Kill a Mockingbird
19th century English woman sharply rejects a wealthy bachelor because she mistakenly
believes him to be a bad person. How can she ever win him back?
Pride and Prejudice
Pilot stranded in the Sahara Desert meets a boy who lives on an asteroid.
The Little Prince
English boys stranded on a desert island quickly become savages.
Lord of the Flies
Escaped convict starts a new life and is now a virtuous and wealthy man. But a
cold-hearted police inspector threatens to uncover his secret identity.
Les Misérables
WWII bomber crews discover a paradox. If you're crazy you can get out of the war.
But if you want out, it proves you're not crazy.
A family of poor Oklahoma farmers seek a better life in California but don't find it.
The Grapes of Wrath
In a galaxy where "spice" holds the key to interstellar travel, a young man becomes
the Messiah to a group of desert tribesmen.
Jealous sultan marries a new wife and murders her every night. To stave off death,
his new bride keeps him entertained with captivating stories.
Arabian Nights
In Medieval England, a group of pilgrims exchange stories as they travel to a holy site.
The Canterbury Tales
American optometrist often jumps backward and forward in time.
One salient experience is his survival of the bombing of Dresden as a POW.
In the rainforests of India, a boy is raised by a pack of wolves.
The Jungle Book
Two teenagers with cancer fall in love and take a vacation to Amsterdam.
The Fault in Our Stars
Spider weaves messages into her web to prevent a pig from being slaughtered.
Charlotte's Web
Man kills a greedy pawnbroker with an axe, but feels very guilty afterwards.
Crime and Punishment
Level 81
Jul 25, 2019
Nice one! I like these literary quizzes!
Level 74
Jul 25, 2019
Jeez, no spoiler alerts?
Level 75
Jul 26, 2019
"Can you guess these books based on a description of their plot?" should have been a clue that there might be spoilers, no?
Level 74
Jul 26, 2019
Level 67
Aug 21, 2019
I'm with roleybob, there was no indication you were not being serious. It seemed to me you we're being serious aswell.

And no, it is not clear, people make comments like this. Sometimes even more silly

Level 74
Aug 22, 2019
Level 83
Jul 27, 2019
Book titles are long winded answers to type out.
Level 82
Jul 27, 2019
Yeah, like "Dune."
Level 69
Aug 7, 2019
Great quiz! More like this please :D
Level 70
Aug 11, 2019
Great quiz, can you pick more of the books I know and or have read next time please!? ;-)
Level 24
Aug 20, 2019
I think you should allow "One Thousand and One Nights" as a title for "Arabian Nights".
Level ∞
Aug 20, 2019
That would have worked.
Level 67
Aug 21, 2019
Good to see some descriptions of books you have always heard of but actually no idea what they are about
Level 53
Aug 22, 2019
I thought of catch 22 but that is a tv series So i didnt think it was a book. I have only seen the ad for catch 22
Level 37
Aug 22, 2019
Catch 22 was an amazing book, then an amazing film with Alan Arkin and Jon Voight. I haven't watched the mini-series - but I love Catch 22. It is remarkable.
Level 37
Aug 22, 2019
My heart leaped for joy with Le Petit Prince and Catch 22. I love both of those books.
Level 64
Sep 8, 2020
This quiz is very similar to another quiz - classic novels by plot 1
Level 70
May 12, 2021
Nice quiz QM, and it is one which I have used with my friends.

I think in question 1, if we are talking about the type of whale, it is a sperm whale, rather than a white whale. Unless, of course, you are talking about the figure of speech 'white whale' which means an objective that is relentlessly or obsessively pursued but difficult to achieve.

Call it nitpicking and/or pedantry if you like. I do :)