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Literary trivia on We have other 830 quizzes and games related to books. For example, can you name the 34 plays written by Shakespeare? Or how about the 20 books written by Charles Dickens?
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Played: 762,106
Rating: 4.73
Expanded! Guess the last names of each Harry Potter character.
Played: 401,366
Rating: 4.96
We discovered a few more characters.
Played: 311,688
Rating: 4.72
Can you get all 30 correct?
Played: 274,128
Rating: 4.34
Do you have what it takes to name all 34 of Shakespeare's plays?
Played: 263,365
Rating: 4.94
Can you name the Harry Potter characters who are mentioned the most times in the books?
Played: 240,645
Rating: 4.32
Can you guess the names of the books from the Harry Potter series?
Played: 221,103
Rating: 4.82
Name the members of these famous groups from the Harry Potter series.
Played: 166,214
Rating: 4.42
Try to guess these things from the Harry Potter universe which begin with each letter of the alphabet.
Played: 113,773
Rating: 3.93
Can you name the Harry Potter character based on how they died?
Played: 109,662
Rating: 4.21
Based on the clue, name the Harry Potter spell!
Played: 99,699
Rating: 4.25
Name the characters that have received the most screen time in the 8 installments of the Harry Potter movie franchise.
Played: 92,879
Rating: 4.46
Can you name all of Voldermort's Horcruxes?
Played: 91,119
Rating: 4.82
Can you name these characters from "The Lord of the Rings"?
Played: 84,371
Rating: 4.30
Can you name these places that appear in the "Harry Potter" book series?
Played: 78,685
Rating: 4.37
Guess these facts from the first book of "A Song of Ice and Fire".
Played: 78,186
Rating: 4.45
Guess the family names of these characters from Game of Thrones.
Played: 76,936
Rating: 4.34
Can you name the authors of these famous books?
Played: 68,202
Rating: 4.28
Name the books that featured these famous characters.
Played: 64,800
Rating: 4.20
Name the books that featured these famous characters.
Played: 63,736
Rating: 4.52
Can you guess these facts from "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit"?
Played: 62,736
Rating: 4.72
Can you name the houses, seats, and coats of arms for each major house in "A Song of Ice and Fire"?
Played: 60,756
Rating: 4.22
_____'s Adventures in Wonderland?
Played: 58,272
Rating: 4.35
The missing words in these book titles are animals.
Played: 55,783
Rating: 4.30
You might not remember them all, but you've probably at least heard them.
Played: 54,477
Rating: 4.74
Name the characters that have received the most screen time in the first 7 seasons of HBO's "Game of Thrones".
Played: 53,384
Rating: 4.67
Vanished with the Breeze?
Played: 52,860
Rating: 4.42
Question #1: Sea captain seeks revenge against white whale
Played: 50,637
Rating: 4.57
Name the characters who were on-screen the most in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.
Played: 50,521
Rating: 4.94
Name the countries which publish the greatest number of new books and new editions each year.
Played: 49,533
Rating: 4.13
Can you name the races of these LOTR and Hobbit characters?
Played: 48,679
Rating: 4.31
We give you the creature. You tell us what type of creature it is.
Played: 47,178
Rating: 4.35
Unscramble the word to get the name of a character in the books.
Played: 45,268
Rating: 4.37
See if you can guess the missing names in these book titles.
Played: 44,557
Rating: 4.25
Based on the last name, guess the first names of these famous writers.
Played: 43,968
Rating: 4.32
Name the authors of these books listed in by The Guardian as the top 100 books you can you do without.
Played: 43,528
Rating: 4.37
Name the authors of these books that were turned into movies.
Played: 40,770
Rating: 4.33
How well do you really know the Hunger Games? Take the quiz and find out.
Played: 40,687
Rating: 4.42
Warning: Contains spoilers!
Played: 40,523
Rating: 4.28
Such as the _________ of Notre Dame.
Played: 40,244
Rating: 3.88
Played: 38,821
Rating: 4.44
Played: 38,669
Rating: 4.32
Even English majors probably won't get them all.
Played: 38,357
Rating: 4.22
The last letter of each answer is the the first letter of the next.
Played: 37,301
Rating: 4.23
Fill the blanks in these nursery rhymes.
Played: 36,949
Rating: 3.72
Name the 100 greatest novels of all time, according to some guy.
Played: 36,262
Rating: 4.11
Guess the first names of the members of the Order of the Phoenix.
Played: 36,249
Rating: 3.84
Played: 33,562
Rating: 4.42
How many Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus characters do you know?
Played: 32,805
Rating: 4.28
Chances are you were forced to read some of these.
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