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Cities Chain #1

All the answers are cities. The last letter of each answer is the first letter of the next.
Last updated: November 03, 2015
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City formerly divided by a wall
Italian city founded by Greeks
c. 600 B.C. Its name means "New City"
Massachusetts witch trials site
Quezon City is the largest part
of this metro area
Had the largest library in the ancient world
Largest city in Alaska
Northernmost major city in Canada
Capital of country music
Located on the Firth of Forth
20 km west of Amsterdam. Namesake of
a Manhattan neighborhood
Largest French-speaking city
in the Americas
Biggest urban area in Africa
Home to China's biggest stock exchange
Austrian Olympics host city
Former capital of Japan
Connected via bridge to San Francisco
Place to find the world's tallest building
Turkish city once called Smyrna
Capital of Latvia
Belgian city with a large diamond industry
"The City of Lights"
Egyptian city on a canal
Capital of Croatia
level 83
Nov 2, 2015
Anchorage is not the capital of Alaska.
level 58
Nov 2, 2015
Need to find another A----e answer. Juneau just doesn't work. May I suggest "Host of 1992 Winter Games?" Albertville.
level 81
Nov 3, 2015
Or accept the alternate spelling AJuneaue. :P
level ∞
Nov 3, 2015
D'oh! Fixed.
level 41
Dec 31, 2018
READ! it says largest, not the capital city. (talking to dwo)
level 82
Nov 2, 2015
Or "Largest city in Alaska"!
level 82
Nov 3, 2015
Almost missed the French-speaking city. Was sure it'd be down in Hispaniola, or maybe Louisiana. Took me way too long to think about Canada.
level 73
Nov 5, 2015
Strangely enough, it's their National Motto..."Canada...you'll take way too long to think about us."
level 57
Nov 6, 2015
Naw, I think plattitude knew what he was talking about. Did the same thing on this quiz. :)
level 58
Apr 30, 2016
Lol so true!
level 52
Apr 30, 2016
I was thinking the same thing.
level 30
Apr 30, 2016
check out similar quizes: http://www.jetpunk.com/user-quizzes/154770/city-word-chain http://www.jetpunk.com/user-quizzes/154770/cities-on-the-ring-of-fire
level 75
Apr 30, 2016
I typed in Neapoli(s)..
level 75
Apr 30, 2016
level 75
Apr 30, 2016
Izmir is the only one I missed - tried Imir, Izir, just never quite close enough.
level 59
Apr 30, 2016
Could you change the Austrian clue to 'Winter Olympics'? :)
level 71
May 1, 2016
Sure, since every single time Austria hosted the summer Olympics, it was in a city that started with the letter 'I'
level 60
May 4, 2016
ok, so it took me a while to get Innsbruck, and that with a shirt I have with 'no kangaroos in Austria', which most people need to read twice to get because they read Australia (as I did)...which I bought in Innsbruck....doh (because I spent time trying to think what Australian city starts with an I, and then trying to think of Austrian cities apart from Vienna)
level 39
Jun 17, 2017
Naples doesn't mean "new city". Neither does Napoli, although the original Greek name, Neapolis, does. I'm crap at geography anyway, but would easily have got Naples if the question had been put differently.
level 52
Nov 17, 2018
Given that Naples is just a shortened form of Neapolis I'd say the clue is still accurate
level 74
Oct 21, 2017
My hometown is in the bottom of the list, It's a bit sad :/