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Cities Chain #2

All the answers are cities. The last letter of each answer is the first letter of the next.
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Last updated: November 2, 2015
First submittedNovember 2, 2015
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"The Motor City"
Home to the world's busiest
train station
Capital of Norway
Place to see a scholarly don
Capital of Burgundy.
It's famous for mustard.
Where Robin Hood battled a sheriff
Where BMW is headquartered
Has Germany's biggest port
Polish city once the free city of Danzig
Capital of Afghanistan
Egyptian city called the world's
greatest open-air museum
Dutch city with the busiest port in Europe
Where Elvis lived
One of the three EU capitals
Largest city in Scotland
85% of this Vistula city was
destroyed in WWII
Capital of Manitoba
Biggest French-speaking Swiss city
Has an acropolis
Name of 34 places in the U.S.
level 72
Nov 7, 2015
Final clue was rather tricky. I know the US has many Plymouths, but took a while to recall Springfield.
level 68
Jun 29, 2016
I'd heard it before and knew it was something to do with the Simpsons but as I have never watched that show I tried Smithfield and a couple of near misses and never arrived at Springfield.
level 78
Jun 29, 2016
Not tricky when you know it begins with s and ends with d...
level 45
Jun 29, 2016
How did you know it ends with a D if there is no question after it?
level 81
Jun 29, 2016
Because it loops back to Detroit.
level 49
Jun 29, 2016
first answer begins with one
level 67
Jun 30, 2016
Springfield, Springfield, it's a hell of a town! The schoolyard's up, and the shopping mall's down! The stray dogs go to the animal pound! Springfield, Springfield!
level 59
Apr 6, 2016
What does this mean? "Place to see a scholarly don" I was expecting Some school in Brooklyn or Italy. Yo Bada-Bing!
level 73
Jun 29, 2016
level 78
Jun 29, 2016
Only missed Strasbourg because i couldn't spell it!!!
level 37
Jun 29, 2016
took me a while to get it as well. Maybe variations ending on "burg" instead of "bourg" could be accepted?
level 55
Jun 29, 2016
1:51 remaining ...20/20
level 77
Jun 29, 2016
2:39 - easy peasy for me.
level 79
Jun 29, 2016
Perhaps instead of "34 places" in the US, one would better understand 34 city/town names--because by using places, the clue is incorrect as it could refer to Springfield Library, Springfield town hall, etc. thus putting that number far higher than 34.
level 81
Jun 29, 2016
The quiz is called "City Chain" and you've just answered 19 questions that were all cities. What more do you want?
level 76
Sep 12, 2018
Pedant. Really? There are thousands of places called MacDonald's, thousands of places called New York (New York Laundromat, New York Times Building). Get real.
level 71
Jun 29, 2016
Great quiz. Had them all but had to go back for Stasbourg - because I couldn't remember the spelling when I got to it - went back and never did get it spelled correctly before time ran out. Though I tried the "bourg" ending I think I did it with two "s" each time, unlike "berg" and "burg" and "burgh" which I tried with single and double s... ah well, at least American English isn't alone in its too many variations on spelling!
level 45
Jun 29, 2016
Same here. I couldn't get it for the life of me.
level 67
Nov 9, 2018
Dangit, I kept trying to spell it "Gedansk."
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